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<<First Name>>, I need your help!

I need you to let me in on your views and perspectives on the question of purpose. I found myself in a rabbit hole! Yes! The whole question of having a singular purpose, one title and labels.
  • What’s that one thing you want people to know you for?
  • What’s your niche?
Permit me to sneak have you found your purpose into the list. First, it’s bold of anyone to assume you want to be known for only one thing or that your purpose is missing.

While I understand that these questions are driven by genuine concerns about your journey, the obsession with finding a singular purpose for existing or a label to be called is a distraction. It doesn’t give room for you to live fully.
For example, why shut out that part of you that finds interior decoration fascinating because you are supposed to be a writer?
Here’s what you can do: take up an additional skill (public speaking), stand before the camera and give another life to your writings. Does that make you a spoken words artist? One thing your audience will love about your videos is the never – stop – staring set – up.
In colour theory, the secondary colours—green, orange, and purple—are created by mixing two primary colours. Come to think of it, the ratio of primary colours you use when you mix will determine the final hue of the secondary colours. You’d be identified by many hues when you focus on mixing in different ratios.

What’s your niche again?
Please, fill in the gap
What makes it your niche is you!
Your voice, experiences, interests and slants make you unique. It's even encouraging to know that everyone can share their imperfect works with the world, so they can find their voice in the process. Emphasis on works. Yes! Plural!

To live life fully, is to bring out something beneficial from within. Without a cause to restricting yourself, do what makes you happy. I love how Deepak Chopra expressed this line of thought. He believes that the essence of life is in seeing to the expansion of happiness.

Truth is: you’d even live a more productive and happy life. To live freely does not by any means translate to living a careless or reckless life. Pay attention to your thoughts by journaling. This will help you set your priorities right as you journey through life.
Instead of inhibiting yourself due to the pressure of finding purpose, live fully, share your imperfect works with the world, listen to your true self, and when you find your voice, develop your plans and follow through.
We are on this journey together.

Weekly Thread of Wisdom 
  1. Be fully aware of yourself
  2. Permit yourself to live fully

Book Review
Zero to One
Peter Thiel

From AI to HR to history and future of humanity to philosophy, Zero to One is a classic for anyone interested in disruptive innovations and creativity in businesses and start-ups.

In Closing 
One of the hardest things to do is to embrace your uniqueness and walk-through unpopular valleys with sobriety. Don't get too preoccupied with the outcomes that you forget to enjoy the journey.

Until next week,
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