Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow
~ Hellen Keller

Welcome to the 45th edition of the MayWeather Newsletter series, a weekly newsletter where I share my thoughts and new ideas on things that I learn on personal productivity; somewhere between due diligence, good thinking and note-taking.

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What comes to mind when you see me in your e – mail every Friday?
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Here’s an interesting twist: the last four months have not been all sweet on the surface. I’ve had to face trying times and the phenomenal happened as March 2021 was fizzling out! Boom! I unlocked a thing.

Too many times, I’d sit at home and spend quality time dreaming about a couple of my destinations; where I can be intoxicated with all of the sweet things of this life and lose my anxiety forever.

In as much as life wouldn’t seek your permission before confronting you with challenges, submitting yourself to circumstances you cannot control will restrict your perspectives on many issues and by extension, dictate your performance.

All through this phase, the only thing I was seeing was reasons to worry. Worry is a thief cloaked in fear and its only ambition is to limit your impact, cripple your creativity, restrict your effectiveness and suspend your dreams while you struggle to survive.

For a long time, I’d been robbed! Not of the quality time spent reinforcing the pictures of tomorrow in my mind but of the resources I spent carrying the burden of anxiety. Needless burden if I’d asked the right person questions – or let people in to be of help.

But since I broke out of the hog – washed mind frame, it’s just me and my explosive ideas. No undue pressure to perform. No limitations. And this alone has made me set higher trajectories for myself.

In the past few days, instead of the usual stern, sad self that I flee from when I sit to dream, it occurred to me that I now dream from a place of hope and a renewed energy to do the very basic things that fill my heart with joy– a productive mindset.

Your future self would only thrive if you keep your purpose warm and intelligence aglow.  And the good thing is that you can do it.

Rooting for you!

Weekly Thread of Wisdom 
  1. Highlight of March 2021
March was a reflective month for me. While I kept learning, unlearning and relearning critical things, a major highlight was on being still, disciplined and committed in the face of challenges. It was not a motivating month for me – yet inspiring.

I had to show up every single day whether I felt like it or not. I realized why it is important to maintain a positive attitude even when it feels like everything is tearing apart. When you take a closer look, hard times are not as hard as they seem.

It is quite important that you are audacious about living. Choose to live a distraction – free, vision driven life.
  1. I celebrated my birthday during the week and in no particular order, I documented lessons from the last year. Read here
  2. I recently published an article on Nigeria’s independence and the freedom to restructure. Read here
  3. When you don’t run from chaos and disruptive events, they become opportunities to emerge stronger. You make tremendous progress in your direction when you stay resolute.

Book Review
Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell was succinct in demystifying the concept of a self-made man. He goes on to describe what truly lies behind the success of the best people in their field: often a series of lucky events, rare opportunities and other external factors, which are out of their control. I find it amusing and refreshing to see contrarian thoughts and counter arguments to the self – made man myth.  

Read Malcolm Gladwell’s

In Closing 
It’s a good day to discern the non – negotiables in your life, eliminate distractions and forge ahead with courage.

Take the shot and see the world in a different light.

I’d talk to you next week.

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