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Solar Winners
Greenwashing Natural Gas
CAPE is not alone
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The salmon are back at Ayum Creek. Even with our abrupt shift from summer to winter, some cycles keep going late but vital. Also vital is the continued attention of engaged citizens to the plans, policies and regulations at all levels of government. 

Solar Winners
In France, solar just got a huge boost from new legislation this week that will require all parking lots with spaces for 80 or more vehicles – both existing and new – to be covered by solar panels.

New wind and solar projects have saved countries US $82 billion in fossil fuel costs, concludes the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in a recent report.
Sooke has in total about 400 kw of Solar installations including the T’Souke First Nation solar farm. This is enough to provide temporary power to only a few homes. The installed base of battery storage is unknown but I expect close to nil. Our community needs to address energy security and energy poverty issues as we face climate disruption events and rising electrical costs.                                                                                                                                                                  William Wallace                                                                                                 

    Greenwashing Natural Gas
On November 10, 2022, the federal Competition Bureau confirmed that it is investigating the marketing campaign of the Canadian Gas Association, an oil industry lobby group to which Enbridge Inc., FortisBC, and ATCO belong. A formal complaint of deceptive advertising was lodged by six members of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE). 

The oil lobby’s campaign promotes natural gas (
also called fossil gasas a form of low-emission energy. On its website, the lobby group says "Canada's natural gas industry works 24/7 to ensure affordable, clean, and reliable energy for families and businesses." The website does not mention the damage done by the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) process used to capture the gas, or the fact that most consumer grade natural gas is methane– more than 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. Methane is not absorbed by any natural biological processes. 

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) President-Elect, and one of the complainants, Dr. Melissa Lem, identifies "greenwashing" as a form of marketing spin aimed at deceptively convincing the public that a company's products or services are environmentally friendly. "In a year where tens of millions of people across the planet have been displaced, sickened and killed by flooding, heat waves and other extreme weather events driven by climate change, it is unconscionable for the fossil fuel industry to continue to greenwash its deadly products. Yet the Canadian Gas Association persists in falsely advertising natural gas as “clean” and “affordable”, driving consumer demand for fossil fuels that harm our health".
Susan Clarke with notes from Susan Belford

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment is an advocacy group that has been highlighting the health and climate costs from burning fossil fuels. The group of physicians warns about the significant health issues related to natural gas emissions within buildings from heating and cooking appliances, as well as the environmental pollution

                                                                                                                                     Resources  CAPE  , EPA.GOV
CAPE is not alone in calling out the fossil gas industry for deceptive practices.

United Nations High-Level Expert Group on the Net-Zero Emissions Commitments of Non-State Entities - led by former federal minister Catherine McKenna - released its report and recommendations to serve as “a roadmap to prevent net zero from being undermined by false claims, ambiguity and ‘greenwash.' ”  Recommendations state that businesses can't claim to be net zero if they:
  • continue to invest or build new fossil fuel supplies,
  • engage in lobbying to undermine climate action or
  • count on offsets as a magic bullet.
Credible net-zero pledges must include actual emissions reductions across the supply chain.
ZWS, a working group of Transition Sooke, has not held regular meetings since before the pandemic.  We are all learning to adapt to the current reality of living with COVID-19 in our midst.  Several of us were wondering if there might be interest in reviewing our past accomplishments and goals, and possibly breathing new life into Zero Waste Sooke.
We invite you to join us at the new Sooke Library on Thursday, Nov 17 from 6:45 to 8:45 to brainstorm what ZWS would like to achieve and contribute to our community in the next 12 months.  Are you comfortable in physically attending this meeting or would you prefer to participate via Zoom?
Contact Wendy O'Connor:  

You're Invited!
Transition Sooke Members and supporters, please join us for seasonal festivities
Sunday Dec 11  1-4 pm     2950 Michelson Rd., Otter Point
Bring the whole family!
Please RSVP by Dec 4

Watch for a special newsletter Dec 1 with directions, car pool suggestions etc.
Good Climate News from Around the World
  •  Washington State mandates electric heat pumps in all new housing builds, banning the use of fossil gas starting July, 2023 
  • 119 countries have pledged to cut methane emissions by 30 per cent before the end of the decade.
  • European Union negotiators  have struck a deal for binding emissions reduction targets for sectors including road transport, agriculture, buildings, and waste. These stricter targets increase the emissions reduction each nation is committed to in coming years.
  • Brazil's new president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has pledged to end deforestation in the Amazon after beating right-wing incumbent Jair Bolsonaro in the country's election. Lula’s victory could cut deforestation in the Amazon by 89 per cent over the next decade, according to an analysis carried out by Carbon Brief. 
  • Norway has raised its target for cutting climate-related emissions to at least 55 per cent by 2030.
  • The village of Modhera in western India's Gujarat state has become the country's first to run entirely on solar energy.
  • Lloyds, Britain's biggest domestic bank, has announced it will not finance new oil and gas fields.
  • Oslo is on course to become the first capital city in the world with an all-electric public transport system.                                                 source:
Upcoming Events
Dec 11                  Seasonal Festivity          RSVP  Dec 4
Jan.22 1-5 pm      Strategic Planning         More info next month
Feb TBA                Public Forum                 Details TBA see "Opportunities" bullet 4
Mar 22  1-5            Transition Sooke AGM  
                        Opportunities with Transition Sooke 

Do you want to contribute to issues of sustainability, environmental protection, climate   leadership and just transition in your community? Join us and influence the focus and direction of Transition Sooke by:
  • Checking out Transition Action Groups on the Transition Sooke Website. Two groups that are re-forming after a break are Transportation and Divestment
  • Joining the Council Watchdogs and help keep Transition Sooke community members informed about local municipal actions and policies
  • Helping Transition Sooke reach out to the community by staffing information tables at community events
  • Join the Ad Hoc Public Forum committee to organize a public consultation event on Sooke issues to work on this year. Contact us to  be involved.
  • Coming to meetings and taking part in some great discussions!

All meetings are "hybrid " meetings. You can participate either by Zoom at home or in person at the Sooke library (with refreshments)
  • Wednesday Dec 14   6:45 to 8:45
  • Wednesday Jan 11    6:45 to 8:45
  • Wednesday Feb 8      6:45 to 8:45
If you need the Zoom invite, contact Alan Dolan
Your Opinion Matters!
Your letters and articles on climate change, development, and community resilience in the Sooke News Mirror keep important issues in the public eye. If you want to join one of Transition Sooke's Action Groups please contact us.  And if you have a photo you'd like to send the newsletter, a letter to the editor, or a piece of news, please forward that to us as well. Thank you!
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