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Transition Sooke Monthly Meeting Date Changes
Hybrid Meeting Success!
Is Your Candidate a Climate Champion?
Thank you, Climate Maia!
EMCS Student Solar Garden Project
An Open Letter from Lily Mah Sen
Anna Russel Travels Across Canada by EV
Sooke Region Community Health Network News
Life Long Learning Fall Courses
Caravan Stage Company Needs Volunteers

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We Need You
photo: Vancouver Island View 
Your August Newsletter
After a summer  focused on major planning processes by Sooke Council, we are now hurtling toward municipal elections. The coming pace is belied by these warm, oceanside days while much of the rest of the country swelters in the heat of climate change.
Meeting Date Change!!!
Transition Sooke Monthly meetings are moving to the second Wednesday of the Month. 

Next meeting Sept 14
photo: A. Dolan
Hybrid meetings a success!  
For the past few months, Transition Sooke has offered members an option to join monthly meetings on Zoom or attend in-person at the new library meeting room.
In-person has some advantages including tea and treats. but we totally respect the fact that people may not be  comfortable with in-person meetings.
Our next meeting is planned for Wednesday September 14 at 6:45 pm (Note: we have switched our meetings to the second Wednesday of the month)
For more information, contact us  
Is your candidate a Climate Champion?

The municipal elections are coming up October 15. Municipal government has a major impact on the lives, experiences and well being of citizens. 

WE-CAN, a collaboration of climate action groups, has produced two resources for the upcoming local govt. elections.  One is the document “Is Your Candidate a Climate Champion?”— a series of questions that voters can pose to candidates (pick and choose the questions most applicable to your riding).  To access this document, click here. You may have to log in to your google account for access. 
WE-CAN has also produced 12 short papers for candidates to use while campaigning. They are excellent sources of climate information for anyone concerned about the issues. They can be found here
photo: A. Dolan
Thank you, Climate Maia!
Transition Sooke recently held a potluck dinner to celebrate the achievements of Maia Carolsfeld, who recently stepped down as the District of Sooke’s Climate Action Coordinator. In her term, Maia worked with staff and the Climate Action Committee to develop a Climate Action Plan. She presented the Plan to council on July 18. It was endorsed in principle by council, meaning that it is in the hands of staff to prioritize actions and include them in the District’s five-year financial plan.
photos: Google Images
EMCS Solar Garden Project
The EMCS Community School is raising funds to purchase a Solar System for use in the school’s garden. This system will be used to provide power for pumping water and greenhouse lighting as well as an educational tool for training in Solar Energy. There are rapidly growing job opportunities in the field of Solar Energy. This project will introduce students to this technology and the many job opportunities in the alternative energy economy that is changing the world.
The EMCS Community School Society is collecting donations for this Solar Garden Project. We hope to raise $5000 to purchase the components and Shift Energy has volunteered to coordinate the installation. Transition Sooke members experienced in Solar have agreed to help develop various student training programs using the system.
To Donate:
     1.  At the EMCS website, click MORE, then FUND THE EMCS SOCIETY, choose GARDEN PROJECT and  write "SOLAR GARDEN" in the private message.

      2. By credit card: Phone EMCS at 250-642-6371 

      3. Drop off cheque or money at EMCS Society Office
Tax receipts are issued for donations over $25
The students thank you

The EMCS Solar Garden project is being assisted by Transition Sooke’s new working group called the Sooke Solar Cooperative.
Member Lily Mah-Sen's open letter (originally sent to the Sooke News Mirror August 2)
My rebate cheque for $110 from ICBC arrived in the mail last week. The accompanying letter explained that this was a “one-time relief rebate to ease the financial challenges facing drivers in our province”. Rebates were sent to every person who held an insurance policy with ICBC, all 3.5 million of us. Even to those of us who drive electric vehicles and thus are not directly affected by the rising prices at the gas pump. For a total payout of $396 million. 
$110 will not even cover my weekly grocery bill!  We are all affected by inflation.  A fundamental underlying cause of this inflation is the rising cost of fossil fuels.  Fuel costs is “embedded” in everything:  the cost of housing, manufacturing, food production and distribution, travel, shipping, and so on.  And the use of fossil fuels threatens our climate.
It would have had more impact if the $396 million had gone to supporting the move to alternative energy sources and away from our dependence on fossil fuels. 
What could our province have done with $396 Million?
  • fund alternative methods of transportation (better public transit, more bicycle paths so our children can ride safely to school).
  • greater funding support to home owners for retrofitting their homes to make them more energy efficient
  • more support to social service agencies working with the homeless and the working poor who are not able to find affordable housing
  • support research on green initiatives.  As the demand for green technology rises, funds could be used to help establish new green businesses
  • support training for workers currently working in the traditional construction industry to learn the skills needed to work with alternate materials, systems, and technology. 
So instead of using my $110 on consumer items, I will be donating the money to Transition Sooke to help with its climate emergency work.
If you can afford it, or if you are an EV driver not impacted by rising gas costs, consider donating your rebates to a charity of your choosing, or to an organization fighting climate change. 
Across Canada by EV

Anna Russel drove to Ontario by EV this July. Following are excerpts from her observations.

"Overall, the trip was encouraging and sobering, all at the same time, although in general it was relatively trouble free. 
On the positive side:
  • There are two amazing sites that make planning the trip really easy: which will use the details of your specific car make to tell you how often to charge, where and for how long - the results were mostly very reliable; and, which has a map of all the chargers in every town, along with real-time updates. This was critical for getting across the prairies successfully.
  • There were just enough fast chargers in just enough places for us to do the trip relatively easily which is amazing given that the infrastructure needs to be built ahead of demand. No charger, no travel possible.
  • We only had to wait for a charger twice. Out of dozens of charges.
  • We spent $200 in charging fees from Sooke to Ontario. Maybe a bit more coming back.
  • Canadian Tire and Petro Canada have invested a lot in EV chargers as part of their business plan, so companies like that have got the message.
 On the challenges side:
  • At the moment, the payment system is complicated. 
  • While it's easy to travel in BC by EV, there can be a gap of as many as 200km between fast charging stations in the prairies - (and Saskatchewan is a true test of a marriage);
  • There are far too many broken chargers that could make travel dicey, especially for cars with a shorter range. Many towns have only one fast charging station, so if it's broken that could mean an unplanned overnight;
  • We did not find any Hotels cross the way or back with a charger.
  • The network is limited enough, and the charging time is high enough that side trips and spontaneous travel on a trip of this length are less appealing;
  • There were cost savings compared to gas, but I'm not sure they're significant enough yet to make up for the extra time that is spent charging, for people who aren't motivated by climate change.
Many of the above issues will be solved as the number of chargers increases and maintenance improves, battery range increases, and hopefully the payment system gets simplified. The trip made me realize it is early days for this type of travel. Almost every charging station we used was empty except for us. Longer term, however, I don't think long-range EV travel is going to be a solution for everyone, and electric trains are still a requirement in this country."
Sooke Region Community Health Network News 

SRCHN is facilitating a community consultation during the month of August.
It is open to all community members. Opportunities to participate:
1. Online survey for community members and another for service providers
2. In-person drop-in 
  • Aug 12  10am - 12pm - Sooke Library
  • Aug 13  11am - 1pm - SRCHN office, 204-2120 Church Rd
3. Online focus groups
  • Aug 15   3:30pm - 5pm
  • Aug 18   6pm - 7:30pm
  • Aug 26   10am - 11:30am
Information and registration can be found on the SRCHN website
Sooke Region Lifelong Learning
The Fall session of Sooke Region Lifelong Learning is shaping up to be fun, thought provoking and exciting! Following the Sept. 1 kick off and welcome from 1 to 2:30 pm at the Library and on Zoom, a variety of workshops are planned, including
To learn more, contact for details. 
Caravan Stage Company needs volunteers for its Sooke shows

Caravan Stage Company is a theatre company that produces outdoor multi-disciplinary operas with a strong environmental message, all performed on a 90-foot vessel touring British Columbia. The shows are performed on the ship decks and rigging while the audience watches, sitting on the shore.

Caravan’s new show — Virtual Rogues —  will be held at the Sooke Harbour Authority from August 17 to 21 at 9 pm. 

The Company is looking for volunteers who could help guide and seat the audience before the show. Volunteers can then see the show for free.

The show starts at 9 pm and the audience usually comes 1 hour earlier, so if the volunteer can come at 7:30 to help, that's perfect.
Don't hesitate to call the Caravan Stage Company at 778 557 4003 or email Laura at  if you need further information.   

OCT 2  Municipal Candidates Speed Meet and Greet; Community Hall 2-6 pm
All meetings  6:45-8:45 HYBRID (Zoom/Sooke library)
  • Wednesday Sept 14 
  • Wednesday Oct 12     
  • Wednesday Nov 9
  • Wednesday Dec 14
If you need the Zoom invite, contact Alan Dolan
Transition Sooke is always open for people to participate.  We specifically welcome people to fill the following roles:
  • Notetaker for monthly meetings
  • Policy committees
  • Join the watchdoggers to keep us informed about the meetings at District of Sooke Council
  • Tabling at pop up Transition Sooke information tables
  • Event volunteers
Your Opinion Matters!
Your letters and articles on climate change, development, and community resilience in the Sooke News Mirror and the Sooke Pocket News keep important issues in the public eye. If you want to join one of Transition Sooke's Action Groups please contact us.  And if you have a photo you'd like to send the newsletter, a letter to the editor, or a piece of news, please forward that to us as well. Thank you!
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