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 San Rafael's Volunteer Office
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President’s Column

Springtime is almost here, Neighbors!

San Rafael-style snowballs, Spirea

As I write, the world focuses with great concern on the war in Ukraine, while the dangerous Covid pandemic is gradually waning.  Though our lives are local, on a global level we are inextricably linked to a world of neighbors.  Let us value this!  Today's youth simply put, want peace on earth and a clean earth with a future.  These words come from the Fed's first "Student Member," Elijah Blake, a freshman at San Rafael High School.  Like Elijah and friends who are planning an Earth Day clean-up, consider what your neighborhood can do together this Earth Day, April 22nd.   

Want to improve your neighborhood?  Apply for Fed neighborhood grant here, with this year's mantra, "No grant too small!"  Your grant idea will be endorsed by your neighborhood association, and this year the grant is "need based."

We had a really nice Annual Meeting, virtual once again this year.  Speakers included County Supervisor Damon Connolly, new City Emergency Program Manager, Raed Al-Zahir, and new Director of Homeless Services, Marc Sabin. Click here to view video.

On a monthly basis, I represent the Federation at Housing Element Workgroup meetings, examining how to fulfill the City's obligations to provide state mandated housing.  In an unofficial role, I work with 5 Marin leaders dedicated to a sustainable City street tree policy within an urban forestry plan, as described in the City's 2040 General Plan.  Please connect with me if you would like to discuss these topics.

Interested in being part of a vibrant and supportive San Rafael?  Please
join the Fed Are you a neighborhood person?  Please consider stepping up to our membership committee, to work on graphics and events or to follow planning issues. Already active, and would enjoy being part of our leadership?  Please express your interest to serve on the Fed Steering Committee, currently a powerhouse of nine, we welcome new committed members to a 3-year term.  Please contact us if you are interested in fulfilling these interesting and important roles.

Our next BIG event is a Candidates Forum with statements and a Q & A by candidates for Marin County Supervisor, District 1 and California Assembly District 12.  SAVE THE DATE, April 14th! 

All the best for a happy and healthy spring, for peace on earth and for a clean earth with a future.

Amy Likover
Federation President
415-450-1520 or

April 14, 7-8:30 pm

Zoom link available April 1

With guests:
Gina Banks Daley and Mary Sackett - Marin County District 1 candidates
Sara Aminzaleh, Damon Connolly, Ida TImes-Green and Steve Schwartz - CA Assembly District 12 candidates
Federation Grant Awards 2022
Fed Member Grant application window now open. 

Have a neighborhood project and need $$$? If you are a Fed member/member organization and propose your project to the Steering Committee, it may get funded.  One privilege of Fed membership per our bylaws includes a subsidy for your good ideas.

No grant too small!

Think of what your neighborhood could do!
Past grants include a neighborhood mural, emergency preparedness equipment & neighborhood outreach programs. 

Federation of San Rafael Neighborhood 2022 Goals 

  1. Raise awareness of topics, issues & opportunities impacting the San Rafael community

    2. Be a resource and provide guidance to residents, neighborhoods and neighborhood groups to navigate City issues

    3. Expand inclusivity

    4. Advance resilience and sustainability 

    5. Keep the website relevant: calendar & neighborhoods

       Federation of San Rafael 2022 Calendar


  All at 7 pm, Zoom for now - contact us for link

Send us your input for agenda items and topics

April 14 - Candidates Forum
County Supervisor/District 1 & Assembly District 12

May 12 - SC/Neighborhood concerns 

June 9 - General Meeting TBD

July - Vacation, no meeting

August 11 - SC/Neighborhood concerns

Sept 8  - General meeting TBD

October 10 - SC/Neighborhood concerns

November 10 - General meeting TBD

December 8 - TBA

City Launches "Community Conversations"
After a year of discussion, meetings and a survey about community engagement, the City of San Rafael has launched an engagement initiative kicking off with a community-wide meeting on March 17 chaired by Mayor Colin.  This will be followed by district-wide meetings with Council representatives.  April 27 - District 3 meets, and April 28th District 2 meets. 
This takes the place of the monthly meeting the Federation and other neighborhood groups used to have with the City when we brought your concerns directly to staff and elected officials. 

Click here for meeting details

Proposed Changes from the Fire Department - March 17 Meeting 

The Fire Prevention Division of the San Rafael Fire Department will be presenting their plan to propose changes to City Ordinance Numbers 9.04.030, 9.04.090, 19.10.060, and 1505.1.5, specifically:

1) Prohibit smoking in open-space and require designated areas within multi-family properties (with more than 10 units) that are within 1,000 feet of undeveloped land, and

2) Phase out wood shake roofs by 2027.

The meeting will take place via Zoom on March 17th at 5:30pm.  Please submit questions regarding either ordinance via email to prior to Sunday, March 15th by 5:00pm.  We will do our best to answer all questions but will choose questions specific to the topics listed above.

 Interested in following the Third St. Improvement Project?
Info Link

Become a Firewise Community

Have you been thinking about helping your neighborhood become a Firewise Community? Do you want to learn more about what you and neighbors can do to prevent a wildfire? Please join us for this free and important workshop.

Monday, March 21,2022,7:00 p.m. 

Per State law, the City of San Rafael is required to complete and submit an Annual Progress Report (APR) on housing to the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development. The APR includes data on the number of housing units submitted, approved and built in 2021, and an update on the progress of implementing programs in the City's Housing Element. Further, State law requires that the City conduct a public hearing on the APR to solicit public comments. File No.: P2'l-003. As required by State law (California Environmental Quality Act), review and action on the APR must be reviewed to determine if it is subiect to environmental review. As the APR is an informational report, it will have no physical impact on the environment. The APR is classified as a planning study, which qualifies for a Statutory Exemption from the provisions of the CEQA Guidelines under 14 CRR Section 15262. 

PUBLIC COMMENTS: You can send written correspondence by email to the address above prior to the meeting, you can comment online in real-time on YouTube, lf you do not have access to internet, contact the City Clerk to discuss alternative options for remote participation at 415-485-3066.

Contact Alexis Captanian, Housing Analyst (415) 458-2392 or
The staff report and online access info will be available here after 5:00 p.m. Friday, March 18 

City Council will consider public comment/testimony & will decide whether to accept the APR.


Meet Your Steering Committee Members

President Amy Likover, Gerstle Park
Vice President Richard Bernstein, California Park
Treasurer Kevin Hagerty, Glenwood
Scribes: Joy Phoenix, Loch Lomond
    Daniel Alm, West End
Webmaster Jim Draper, Bret Harte
Kate Powers, Terra Linda
Nina Lilienthal-Murphy, Lincoln/San Rafael Hill
Greg Brockbank, Dominican/Black Canyon

Thanks for your volunteer work in support of San Rafael neighborhoods.

         Fed Neighborhoods 2021 - RENEW/JOIN HERE

Bret Harte Community Association
Contempo Marin Neighborhood Association
Culloden-Quarry-Twin Oaks Homeowners Association
Dominican Black Canyon Neighborhood Association
Gerstle Park Neighborhood Association
Glenwood Neighbors
Lincoln San Rafael Hill Neighborhood Association
Loch Lomond Homeowners Association
Mont Marin/San Rafael Park Neighborhood Association
Montecito Area Residents Association
Peacock Gap Homeowners Association
Spinnaker Point Homeowners Association
Terra Linda Neighborhood Association
West End Neighborhood Association

If your neighborhood is not listed here and you would like to join forces with us, please email Amy -

Please join the Fed!

It's easy and important. 

Click here for individual and neighborhood membership information

The purpose of the Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods is to facilitate communication and interaction among the neighborhoods, as represented by their associations, groups, and individuals, and to promote effective and regular communication with local government entities and agencies.
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