#68 - May 9th, 2021                                                               Read it in your browser


Hello! 👋

This week, here's a mix of projects using WebXR, data visualization, machine learning and VR artworks!

Have a good day! 💚




Bouncing band
WebXR experiment in which you can turn any space into a musical instrument by dropping some bouncing characters on any surface around you.

Explore endangered languages by using your phone’s camera to discover translations for the objects around you.

Plastic Air
Interactive data visualization to explore the impact microplastics in our air are having on the environment and our own health.

Interactive story revealing the reasons of the increase in jellyfish populations and what it can tell us about climate change.

Hip hop poetry bot
AI research project, exploring speech generation trained on rap and hip hop lyrics by black artists. This project has currently an open call asking rap and hip hop artists to contribute their lyrics to create a new, public dataset of lyrics by predominantly black artists.

Virtual Mandalas in VR
Sirkitree creates some awesome virtual mandalas in VR.

Curated by Charlie Gerard