#74 - September 4th, 2021                                                               Read it in your browser


Hello! 👋

I stumbled upon a bunch of cool projects this week using machine learning, WebXR and generative art.

Enjoy and have a good weekend! 💚




Inside Inside
Interactive installation by Douglas Edric Stanley remixing video games and cinema using machine learning. Neural networks analyse a gameplay and generate a film in real-time using images from the history of cinema.

Corona: Plastic reality
WebXR experience to show what your annual plastic footprint looks like.

Generative and experimental audiovisual piece that explores the subdivision of space and time. This project is a collaboration between the composers Daniele Carmosino, Mark Aanderud, and the experimental animator Toni Mitjanit who created the visuals using Processing

After supporting 2D pose estimation for a while, TensorFlow.js just launched support for 3D pose estimation!

Curated by Charlie Gerard