#73 - August 28th, 2021                                                               Read it in your browser


Hello! 👋

There's quite a lot in this issue as I've been busy and started piling up a backlog of projects! We've got a mix of physical installations, AI-powered web experiments, and a world's first music video using a medium you might not expect!

Enjoy and have a good weekend! 💚




Barcode boarding
Amazing project by Electronicos Fantasticos. Barcode scanners are attached under a skateboard and use the data received to make music.

Google Slides music video
Music video for the song "Not Your Summer" by The Academic, made with Google Slides. Watch it here and check out the behind the scenes!

Experiment made with TensorFlow.js by Olesya Chernyavskaya. Turn on your webcam and see the site's design change everytime you blink!

Forgotten blinks
Another TensorFlow.js experiment by Olesya Chernyavskaya. We blink 66% less while working on the computer; this site becomes invisible if you don't blink while looking at it.

Kalidoface 3D
Face and full-body tracking for 3D models now available for anyone with a browser and a webcam!

Far Away
Art installation made of 12 rotative Sentinels organised like a space exploration scene.
Halfway between a scientific study and a poetic choreography, this installation refers to the condition and isolation of the exploration robots. An online simulator is available to visualize the complete system!

Open source project to build your own AI art installation from scratch.



Create an Abstract Image Slideshow with OGL, GLSL, and GSAP
Learn how to create a WebGL-powered image slideshow animated using a single value.

Superhero Animation Effect with SVG Filters
Learn how to create an interactive superhero-like illustration effect for the web using SVG filters and masks.



MIDIVal is TypeScript / JavaScript library for sending and recieving MIDI data using tidly organised API.

Curated by Charlie Gerard