#67 - April 30th, 2021                                                               Read it in your browser


Hello! 👋

I haven't sent this newsletter in the past few weeks because I've been a bit too busy but it's back with some really cool projects, including interactive art installations and some cool ways to use machine learning!

Have a good weekend! 💚




Collection of paintings reimagined for the 21st century.

Learn the ABC in American Sign Language with machine learning.

Augmented shadow: Inside
Immersive art installation in which the audience participates in a story showing shadow people coming and going between a virtual scene and the real world.
Monster Mash
A sketch-based tool for casual 3D modeling and animation by Google. Source code.

Communion (2020)
An immersive world of procedurally generated lifeforms.

Found in translation
Interactive, immersive installation visualizing how a machine learning model clusters words from different languages by semantic similarity.



Creative code algorithms & techniques
Database of commonly used creative coding techniques and algorithms.



Multi-language shader library

Curated by Charlie Gerard