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Joke of the Week
Why couldn't the bicycle stand up?
The answer, in our next edition!


Spring 2019 Ed Tech General PD Schedule


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Ed Tech Resource of the Week: Hyperdocs

A multimedia tools that are interactive and collaborative which replaces the standard worksheet method of delivering instruction. A HyperDoc shifts the focus from the teacher-led lectures to student-driven inquiry-based learning. 

Students can collaborate with one another through links in the doc and/or sharing before, during or after. Empower all types of learners because the students control their pace through the content. 

Using Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Sites and Google Maps you can create and deliver multimedia-rich content. 

Using technology enhances the student experience and helps develop problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity skills. 

Click here for Tutorial and Support Page
Blended Learning Resources:
QR Codes

Use a QR Code to showcase students digital work, videos and/or digital portfolios. Create QR Code scavenger hunts for your classrooms! Click here to learn how to create your own QR Codes!
Check out the STEAMFest 2018 Video

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Have You Heard of Micro-Credentialing?

What is it? Learn More Here

Micro-credentials are competency-based, on-demand, personalized, and shareable. They empower educators to drive their professional learning and give administrators the tools they need to personalize learning for the educators and meet their broader goals. 

How You Can Earn a Micro-Credential!

Earn a micro credential badges for your Educational Technology program you use and be recognized! The Compton Unified School District’s Educational Technology Department will be hosting a series of PD sessions that will prepare you and guide you through the micro credentialing process.

Benefits of Micro-Credential

  • Be recognized by industry leaders in Educational Technology such as Apple and Google.

  • Build your Resume with new skill sets.

  • Recognized by school leaders, principals and the Compton School Board.

  • Earn a Poster with your picture and credential list for your classroom.

  • Enhance your Blended Learning skills.

  • Add on your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, digital resumes and ePortfolio.

  • Add to your email signature.

  • Be recognized as an Ed Tech Leader for your PLCs.

 Micro Credentials being offered:
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Last Edition Joke of the Week
Why do people say "break a leg" when you go on stage?
Answer: Because every play has a cast.
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