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Pollination Rhino Plugin Case Study

Studio GreenAarch used Pollination’s Rhino Plugin to model a 600 zone building with natural ventilation with accuracy and speed. You can too! Simplify your building simulation workflow, not the accuracy or complexity of your buildings design and simulation!

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Upcoming Rhino Plugin Transition

Free BETA access to the Rhino plugin is ending March 14, 2022.

Thank you to all our users who tested the plugin and shared valuable feedback. Without you, we would not be at this momentous occasion in Pollination’s journey. We hope you will continue using the Rhino plugin by purchasing a flexible, cancel anytime, monthly subscription!

Check out our forum for a more detailed transition announcement.

NOTE: Pollination Cloud Computing and the Revit plugin remain in BETA phase.

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Top 3 Reasons to use the Pollination Rhino Plugin!

Pollination’s Rhino plugin solves one of the biggest pain points for any building simulation, it helps you quickly and efficiently:

  1. Generate validated, complex, and detailed analytical models

  2. Automate repetitive tasks

  3. Simulate with Pollination recipes in Rhino or take your model to the program of your choice

(eQuest users will be excited to know Pollination now supports .inp export!)

For more information, read "Top 10 Reasons To Use The Pollination Rhino Plugin” on our website!

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