What’s going on with early access?

Since our last email, we’ve now added over a hundred new users to our early access! We’ve seen varied uses of Pollination; from users generating custom recipes to exciting and promising integrations with other simulation software providers. We’ve even seen some very ambitious and large models test the limits of our platform!

Thank you for your patience as we go through our list of interested parties while also supporting users who have already joined the platform. If you haven't heard from us already, then please keep a look out for an invitation from our Discourse site by early summer.

What’s New

Up to 100 Times Faster with Pollination Cloud

Have you ever wondered what “faster” really means for a simulation study or a series of parametric studies? The speed of your simulation will depend on the scale and resolution of your environmental study. You may find there are instances when you don’t need to utilize cloud resources because it may run faster on your local machine. So how can you determine when to use cloud computing resources over running something locally? Read all about it here.

What’s coming soon?

Getting a clean model out of Revit for environmental simulation is one of the biggest pain-points in the AEC industry. We’ve been working very hard to solve this problem. Check out this post to preview a flexible and efficient workflow using Pollination’s Revit and Rhino plugins. You can export your whole Revit model or just portions of it and use it on Pollination or bring it into IESVE, OpenStudio, or your favorite platform.

Getting A Clean Analytical Model From Revit Is Possible!

Help us make a better product for you!

We used a well-built Revit model when recording the videos for our blog post. But in real life, Revit models are complex and built to varying standards.

We are actively looking for complex Revit models that we can test with our workflow to ensure it works at multiple scales.

If you can share a Revit model with us for testing, please email Mostapha at Mostapha@Ladybug.Tools.


Principles of Pollination

Check out our blog, where you can learn more about why Pollination exists, how it is designed to work, and how it can help free up your time. .

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