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Dear Reader,

October is drawing to a close and with it comes my favorite holiday! Around the world people are celebrating Halloween, but for my family and I, we celebrate a holiday called Samhain. Depending on where you are from, Samhain can be pronounced differently. In North America, most people use the Irish Gaelic pronunciation and call it "Saw-win." In Scotland, it's pronounced "Saw-vin." 

Samhain has traditionally been celebrated with bonfires and feasting to mark the end of the harvest season. For my family, it's a time to be thankful, to be together, and to remember our loved ones who have passed on. Some of our traditions include lighting candles and having a big meal with all of the fall goodies, including candied yams, corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy! We have some healthier stuff in there too--but that's what I look forward to ;) 

And, as I am sure you've guessed, I love the focus on monsters, creatures, and spirits this time of year! Oh, yes! I love decorated houses, Halloween parties, and trick or treating! My son isn't old enough for trick or treating yet, but I do look forward to him being able to do it some day!

How do you celebrate Halloween? I'd love to know ^_^ 

With Samhain in mind, naturally my thoughts turn to the Dochertyverse! For Alex and Derek, Samhain is a holiday they celebrate with their coven, but for Cecile, the holiday is often a nightmare. Every Samhain, ghosts take physical form. If they have been around long enough, they are dangerous, and if they are newly deceased, they harass people like Cecile and Alexandria. 

However, Alexandra has the protection and guidance of a coven. Because of that, she has been protected on holidays such as Samhain and seen more fairies and spirits than undead. Meanwhile, Cecile is either forced to keep to herself or reap souls with her mother--which is the perfect segway to this month's exclusive. 

Below I have provided a link to a Secret Blog Post containing excerpts from my current work in progress, Soul Prison. Additionally, I have added some thoughts and notes, and I hope you enjoy!

In order to access the protected post, you'll need to use the password highlighted below. Make sure to use a capital C and you should be good ^_^ 

This is my first secret blog post and I sincerely hope you enjoy it! 

Don't hesitate to email me or comment on the post if you have any issues!

Password: Cheetoh 
  • Ravensinstahallow -  I've created a separate instagram profile solely for my artwork. For those of you who follow my author instagram, I do share some art pieces there, but the account primarily focuses on my books. If you're interested in following my art journey and progression into illustration, you may follow me @ravensinstahollow 
  • Dochertyverse Facebook Group - If you'd like to discuss the books and characters in the Dochertyverse with myself and other readers, this group is for you! I can't provide spoilers of course, but if you're looking to connect with other fans and interested in more tidbits about the universe, this is the place! I also have plans to engage members in future projects, like the Detective Docherty Wikia! If you'd like to join, please click the link below ^_^ 
Dochertyverse Book Club
Once you click to join, a window will appear to ask you which Dochertyverse character is your favorite. After you answer the question and agree to the rules, an admin will review your request ^_^ 

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It's a dream of mine to create art books and illustrated novels that tell stories with beautiful imagery alongside words. Adult novels, children's books, and art collections that inspire and invoke emotion. In order to do that, I am participating in art challenges, sketching and painting, and will soon be taking digital art courses, all in the hopes that I will be able to create the characters and scenes that have been held so closely to my heart. If you'd like to join me on this journey, you can see my art pieces and progress on my new art focused instagram account. Click the link below to follow ^_^ 
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