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 Dear Reader,

Happy belated New Year! I am READY for spring!!!!1111one Get me out of this house already! 

It's definitely been cabin fever over here. A couple of nice sunny days and I've pulled my seeds out for gardening and started the annual spring cleaning (PURGE), where I load up the Facebook marketplace and trading groups with free ads to get things the heck out of my house. How about you guys? Anyone else do spring cleaning or have spring traditions that you do? 

Aside from cabin fever, I've also got a lot of exciting projects lined up this year and I can't wait to share more about them over the upcoming months.

Up first, I'd like to announce the Detective Docherty and the Demon's Tears audiobook!

I had always wanted to do an audiobook and when daydreaming about it, I often imagined myself narrating it, but narrating the novel myself could very well turn into a year's worth of work, putting a halt on progress for the next novels in the Detective Docherty and The Necromancer series, so I decided to cruise narrators on Find Away Voices to see if I could find a voice for my story.

After sampling a couple of narrators, I found him, the perfect voice for Detective Docherty. With chapters alternating between Ares and Alexandria's perspectives and the large range of characters and their accents, I needed someone with a great range, and I think that's Rob Brinkmann.

Rob is a fantasy lover and has a great sense of humor. I was sold on a narration sample he'd prepared with multiple pirate characters, but this upcoming clip on Instagram is what really sold me. I felt in that moment that Rob completely understood my sense of humor and the lighter notes of Docherty, which meant everything to me.

I am linking to the clip on Instagram. In order to view things on Instagram, you'll need to have an account. For those of you who do not have Instagram accounts, Rob has a TikTok profile that does not require a login. You can view his profile HERE and watch some of his great videos! Otherwise, here's the clip that showed me I'd stumbled upon a kindred spirit:


I hope you get as much of a kick out of that as I do! Additionally, as an extra treat at the end of this post, Rob did a short on getting tongue tied while recording The Demon's Tears, and I just love it! The sentence he was trying to say was, "Ares fetched the Detective's" —trunk, I'm assuming 😂.

So, that's Rob :) I have listened to a sample recording of the prologue and first chapter and now it's a waiting game. I am really looking forward to hearing my first polished chapter. If I am able to share a sample with you, I will make sure to do so before the audiobook's release date!

I have a few updates and announcements below, but I do hope you love Rob as much as I do, and as always, I am wishing you all well through these crazy times we live in. 


P.S. I died when I realized the music playing in the Docherty clip was from Super Mario XD

  • Soul Prison - Writing is on going and I am eager to get this novella finished. I am fighting the urge to rush it and have decided to make some additions to the story that I feel will enrich it. As a side story within the necromancer series, it's paced a little differently than the previous novels, but I don't want it to feel like it is lacking without the constant action the previous novels seemed to have.  
  • Dochertyverse Facebook Group - If you'd like to discuss the books and characters in the Dochertyverse with myself and other readers, this group is for you! I can't provide spoilers of course, but if you're looking to connect with other fans and interested in more tidbits about the universe, this is the place! I also have plans to engage members in future projects, like the Detective Docherty Wikia! If you'd like to join, please click the link below ^_^ 
Dochertyverse Book Club
Once you click to join, a window will appear to ask you which Dochertyverse character is your favorite. After you answer the question and agree to the rules, an admin will review your request ^_^ 

Follow My Art Journey

It's a dream of mine to create art books and illustrated novels that tell stories with beautiful imagery alongside words. Adult novels, children's books, and art collections that inspire and invoke emotion. In order to do that, I am participating in art challenges, sketching and painting, and will soon be taking digital art courses, all in the hopes that I will be able to create the characters and scenes that have been held so closely to my heart. If you'd like to join me on this journey, you can see my art pieces and progress on my new art focused instagram account. Click the link below to follow ^_^ 
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