We would like to welcome you all to the October issue of the Trainer newsletter - we have a lot to celebrate; the continued efforts of our trainers in delivering remote training and giving people the skills to communicate and operate digitally during a time when we all need it the most.

We have been hard at work on several new and exciting projects, not limited to, but including:
  • The We Are Digital Shop
  • Explore Digital
Keep reading further to hear about: new services offered by the Government to help fight Cybercrime; updates to completed contracts; equipment guides, and a couple of interesting films and documentaries we recommend. We hope you enjoy!
- Regards, The Trainer Network and Quality Assurance team (QACT)
We Are Digital Shop

We are delighted to have launched a pilot Business-to-Consumer offering.

For those here in the early days, you may remember that this is how the original business, Silver Training, actually started where we sold directly to consumers hence “Business-to-Consumer” (B2C). The business then pivoted to selling directly to businesses and was rebranded to We Are Digital.  This is no doubt a special moment for Matthew Adam (WAD's CEO) and his father James Adam (WAD's General Manager) to see the business go full circle and back to the original model – so much so that they have both agreed to do a trainer session or two again for us 😉

Over the coming weeks we will share further leaflets, posters and adverts so that you can stay up to date with the new service, in the meantime, we would appreciate it if you could promote this to your friends, families or neighbours on any social media channels you may be on.

Why not check out our online shop - we welcome your thoughts on the website too 😊 please feedback to
New Systems

Six months ago, We Are Digital embarked on a journey to select a new supplier for our internal systems. This tender attracted over 60 suppliers globally and through a long arduous and testing process. We are pleased to announce that the preferred supplier has been selected; one that is a global award winner that specialises in business transformation and working closely with clients to ensure success.  We are in the process of signing agreements and once done we will let you know who the successful supplier is. 
In preparation for the next stage, we are really keen to hear your thoughts regarding processes for onboarding, assigning bookings, completing bookings, surveys, no shows, cancellations, and ultimately the payment for your work. All of this, and more, is something we are looking at automating 100% in the new system to streamline and speed up our processes. 
Your feedback is vital to ensuring that our network has a hand in co-producing the systems we build to ensure that not only do we get them right for our needs, but your requirements are also met where possible.
If you would like to let us know your thoughts around our existing processes or would like more information on the project in general, please email  
Combatting Cybercrime
Thank you to our trainer Jacqueline for sharing this very useful information


In April this year, the Government set up a new department to tackle Cybercrime.
If anyone receives a suspicious email they should forward it to You will receive an email in response thanking you for your report, this will also include information on how many sites have been taken down so far along with other interesting information.
If you receive a suspicious text you can forward it to the Spam Reporting Service on 7726.

We highly recommend you inform learners of the above in future sessions when discussing Online and Mobile Safety.

A great way to identify any suspicious activity is by keeping on top of the Defence Works training We Are Digital has offered you. These modules are beneficial for you personally as well as professionally - each module takes no longer than 10 minutes. They include a variety of topics including Working from Home (COVID-19), Business Emails Compromise Scams, GDPR Awareness and many more. Please contact if you have forgotten your log-in details.

If you have something you feel would be worth sharing with your fellow trainers or our learners, please do let us know by emailing you never know, you could be the next trainer to star in our newsletter!

Explore Digital

We have been working with Santander to deliver a course called Explore Digital, which we have developed in conjunction with industry experts. Explore Digital covers topics such as:
  • Online Disinhibition
  • Captology
  • Online Fraud
  • Sextortion
  • Employment and University
To assist in the processing and payment of your invoices, please ensure the date field correctly shows the date of invoice submission and also includes the total numbers of hours worked.

The process for payment is as follows:

• Invoices received on or before the 1st of the month will be paid within 7 working days assuming there are no discrepancies

• Invoices with discrepancies will need to be investigated resulting in a short delay of payment; until the discrepancies are resolved

• Invoices received after the 1st of the month will be processed and paid in the next payment run (assuming there are no discrepancies)

Please include the lesson type on the invoice
  • DI - Digital Inclusion
  • UKVI/EUSS - Assisted Digital
  • DB - Digital Bridge
If you have any queries regarding the process please contact the Trainer Network team at
Equipment Guides

We have been working towards creating equipment set up guides for all pieces of equipment we send to our learners. This is an ongoing process and we will endeavour to complete all equipment guides as soon as possible. They will be sent out to the learner with their equipment. Your booking email will contain a link to the lesson plan for the session you are delivering. Contained in the lesson plan is a section on equipment, this will tell you what equipment is being sent to the learner and will also provide you with a link to the relevant equipment set-up guide

Metropolitan 4224 Completed
WAD has now completed the Metropolitan contract (4224). We will be removing all training briefs and material relating to this client. If WAD receives any further referrals, the learner will be transferred to the Openreach or Lloyds contract where appropriate.

The WAD sales team are in conversations with Metropolitan about the next version of their contract so we will keep you posted.
Worth a Watch

I, Daniel Blake is a 2016 drama about a man called Daniel Blake, who is denied employment and support allowance despite his doctor finding him unfit to work.

The majority of We Are Digital staff have watched this film as it is based around a man who gets caught up in the benefits system. As We Are Digital deliver training into this demographic, and also deliver training on the subject of Univeral Credit, this film gives an insight on the sort of people we train, an insight into the benefits system, and the impact the training you deliver has on real people.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime

A new documentary has been released on Netflix portraying the negatives of the Internet and Social Media. The documentary includes tech wizards who have worked at Facebook, Instagram, Google etc…they talk about the corporate social responsibility companies should be adopting to look after and protect the younger generation who are most affected by Social Media. Whilst the documentary should be taken with a huge pinch of salt – it is worth a watch.
Regular Reminders
Contacting We Are Digital
Please ensure that you are directing your emails to the department relevant to your query or booking .This ensures your email is being picked up and handled by the right team:
  • - Lloyds Banking Group booking enquiries (not to be contacted for equipment queries)
  • - for any remote lesson queries - excluding Lloyds Banking Group and Assisted Digital (Home Office)
  • - for any equipment or sim card related queries
  • - your main point of contact for anything else
We would strongly encourage you to call us rather than email if you have an urgent query relating to a session. Emails may actually take longer to respond to so we recommend using the useful contact numbers mentioned below.

We also strongly recommend that you do not email individuals, but instead use the email addresses above to send your queries to a shared mailbox where multiple people have access. Your email is much more likely to be responded to in a timely manner.

The following administration is imperative to ensure we are feeding back to clients, taking onboard trainer feedback and ensuring invoices are correctly billed to clients, and paid to our trainers:
  • Notifying the relevant booking team of changes to appointments i.e. you or your learner has changed the appointment date/time, or a learner has cancelled the appointment, or the learner has not turned up for an appointment
  • Completion of the relevant trainer and learner surveys after EVERY session
  • Notifying the relevant team if a feedback survey has not been completed and the reason why
Connecting with WAD
Follow us on our social media for more updates.
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Trainers Trainers
Useful Contact Numbers

WAD Office
0333 344 4019
  • Press 1 - Enquiries for Digital Inclusion training and equipment queries
  • Press 2 - Enquiries for Financial Inclusion training and debt advice appointments
  • Press 3 - Speak to Accounts team
  • Press 4 - Speak to Sales team
  • Press 5 - Speak to Tutor & QA team
  • Press 6 - For all other enquiries
Digital Bridge Helpline (Lloyds Banking Group)
0345 222 0333
WAD Home Office Contact Centre
0333 344 5675 option 3
Email Address -
October 2020
If you have had any experience with the Essential Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), or know of anybody who has, please pass on our details and get in touch with us at:
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