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The Big Aha From InsureTech Connect

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

The theme from last week's InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas crystallized for me when an insurtech executive, sipping on a glass of wine, told me he thought bartenders would make the best insurance agents.

Think about it for a second. Even leaving aside that people tend to let their guards down after they've had a couple of drinks, bartenders know a lot about the wants and needs of their regular customers. Bartenders also have lots of leeway to offer advice. It tends to be along the lines of "Dump the guy" or "Don't dump the guy," or "Quit the job" or "Don't quit the job," but why couldn't the advice go further?

Imagine a bartender saying, "You know, a lot of people these days don't carry any personal life insurance or don't carry enough to support their families if they get run over by a truck. Life insurance for somebody your age is a lot cheaper than you think...."

While the idea of bartender-agents is fanciful, the notion brought home to me what I saw as the theme of ITC: embedded insurance.

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Sponsored by Majesco

The insurance purchase process can be complicated and difficult, but many insurers are taking a multi-channel strategy that makes it easier for customers. As organizations work to meet customers where and when they want to purchase, insurers must look at embedded insurance to gain a competitive advantage.

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Coastal home and business owners need adequate protection now as much as ever, especially as climate change leads to more severe and frequent storms. Unfortunately, the nature of risk—especially catastrophic risk from hurricanes—has become harder to predict using traditional underwriting tools. Download this report from Betterview's Dave Tobias on how technology can make a difference.

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ITL FOCUS SEPTEMBER: AI & Machine Learning


When I think of the potential for artificial intelligence, I hark back to my days at the Wall Street Journal, taking notes in my home-brewed shorthand in one of those long, skinny notebooks you may have seen reporters carrying around in their suitcoat pockets.

I still break out in a sweat when I recall interviewing the president of Mexico in the mid-'90s, in Spanish. I only knew how to take notes in English, so I had to translate on the fly, while still thinking about my line of questioning—and concentrating furiously so I would quote him so accurately that I wouldn't cause an international incident.

While AI would have been zero help back then, today it's remarkable. I just record an interview on my phone, and AI transcribes the conservation in real time with remarkable accuracy.

If you want to think about where AI can go from here, you can look back 25-plus years and see that the difference between then and now is, well, like magic, and then start to think about 10, 15 or 25 years from now.

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As technology demonstrates its potential to transform the insurance industry, some insurers and startups are realizing it’s not a zero-sum game: they are stronger together than alone. Hear insurer and startup executives discuss this, and other perspectives gained from collaborating around insurance innovation and technology, in this Future of Risk webinar. Moderated by Paul Carroll, Editor in Chief of Insurance Thought Leadership, the panelists are Andy Cohen, President and COO of Snapsheet; Louis Gagnon, President and CEO of Foresters Financial Services Inc.; Peter Ohnemus, Founder and CEO of dacadoo; and Andrew Robinson, CEO of Skyward Specialty Insurance Group.

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