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Is Silicon Valley Passe?

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

Living in six cities in three countries on two continents in my 17 years at the Wall Street Journal, I often heard locals claim they were going to render Silicon Valley obsolete. New Yorkers were developing a Silicon Alley. Chicagoans planned a Silicon Prairie. Scots promised a Silicon Glen. But Silicon Valley barely noticed. 

Now, an announcement by one of the most prominent venture firms suggests we may finally have reached peak Silicon Valley and, more broadly, suggests we are headed toward a more decentralized model for innovation. 

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New Research

The insurance industry is evolving. While insurers are expanding into new distribution channels, agents and brokers remain the top channel for all segments. Read this latest report from Majesco to better understand why and how insurers must rethink their distribution management operations in a quickly shifting market to secure tenable growth.

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Tomorrow’s FNOL Has Arrived Early
by Stephen Applebaum and Alan Demers

As digitization, mobility and connected vehicle technologies transform auto insurance, a better FNOL solution is now critical – and it's here.

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Insurtech Must Be Taken Seriously
by Matteo Carbone

Many incumbents are doubting their insurtech efforts, but the recent drop in stock-market valuations is not about insurtech, it is about tech.

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Sponsored by IntellectAI

MGAs and E&S carriers are thriving, and they have lots of runway in front of them. They can continue to exploit their deep understanding of market niches, can drive efficiencies in the often-cumbersome underwriting process and can increasingly fit into insurers' processes by being at the forefront of APIs.

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How Billing Models Can Keep, Recover Business
by Denise Garth

Billing is important enough to the business that it requires a future-focused strategy. Billing innovation and transformation strategy pays for itself.

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Cyber Insurance Market Hardens
by Zach Ballweg,  Brian Brown, and  Paul Miskovich

While the cyber market improved significantly in 2021, increases to prior-year reserves may cause a drag on earnings, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine creates uncertainty. 

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Anti-Fraud Measures Don't Work as Well as You Think
by Bill Cunningham

Fraudsters know "knowledge-based authenticators" 92% of the time, while genuine customers only pass KBAs 46% of the time.

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Tackling Turnover Amid the Great Resignation
by Vara Kumar

Digital Adoption Platforms can help new employees get up to speed quickly and can upskill existing workers to fill gaps caused by turnover. 

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REPORT: Why Are We Still Talking About Digital Transformation?

Sponsored by ClarionDoor

We've been talking about the topic for many years now. Aren't we done yet? Can't we move on?  In fact, we are just about done -- almost all insurance operations have incorporated digital technology. So, yes, it's time to move on to the next stages of the industry's remake.

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When my younger daughter was a freshman at Yale, I was encouraged that her intro to economics class included a fairly long section on the economics of insurance -- essentially, an exercise in determining how much people valued the peace of mind they get from having a policy in place. Insurance certainly never came up in any of the economics classes I took way back when, and I took the material as a good sign: A top-tier college was making insurance intriguing for smart, young students.

Alas, I couldn't interest my daughter in the insurance industry. And there seems to be a lot of that indifference going around, based on the persistent concerns in the industry about the talent gap. 

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Could Insurance Become Irrelevant?

Sponsored by IIS 

In this webinar, based on McKinsey's global insurance report, we tackle some fundamental issues facing the industry that are seldom confronted

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