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Insurers Are Taking Over the World

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

I thought I'd try something different this week: a series of shorter items rather than a longer exquisition. That's partly because I found a whole series of items worth pointing out but also because I need to note the news that sparked my headline about how insurers are taking over the world:

The stadium where my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers play will, after 21 years, no longer be called Heinz Field, after the local corporate food icon, and will instead be named after Acrisure, an insurance brokerage based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that bought the naming rights. 

I had held out hope that the stadium would some day be named Hines Field, after longtime Steeler wide receiver Hines Ward, who, in my not-so-humble opinion, needs to be in the Hall of Fame, but I defer to the power of the insurance industry. 

Now, on to some developments on: how drones are being used to inspect power lines; how electric vehicles are reaching a tipping point that could have major implications for auto insurers; the arrival of a new generation of "digital assistants"; why insurance customers may cut spending; and how embedded insurance is providing what Swiss Re calls a "second act to insurtech."

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Gaps Found in Digital Strategies
by Deb Smallwood

A recent SMA study shows that 41% of personal lines insurers are revisiting their digital transformation strategies in 2022, a significant jump from 19% in 2021.

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Why Agents and CPAs Must Collaborate
by Romeo Razi

Insurers and accountants have similar concerns on behalf of clients, so the more agents and CPAs collaborate, the better. 

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Vendors Up Their Game in Competition for Talent
by Karen Furtado

When jobs are in high demand for both employers and prospective employees, it creates a hyper-competitive job market that requires a strategic approach.

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Life Insurance’s Awkward Necessity – Death
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REPORT: Why Are We Still Talking About Digital Transformation?

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We've been talking about the topic for many years now. Aren't we done yet? Can't we move on?  In fact, we are just about done -- almost all insurance operations have incorporated digital technology. So, yes, it's time to move on to the next stages of the industry's remake.

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Sponsored by AgentSync 

When my younger daughter was a freshman at Yale, I was encouraged that her intro to economics class included a fairly long section on the economics of insurance -- essentially, an exercise in determining how much people valued the peace of mind they get from having a policy in place. Insurance certainly never came up in any of the economics classes I took way back when, and I took the material as a good sign: A top-tier college was making insurance intriguing for smart, young students.

Alas, I couldn't interest my daughter in the insurance industry. And there seems to be a lot of that indifference going around, based on the persistent concerns in the industry about the talent gap. 

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Could Insurance Become Irrelevant?

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In this webinar, based on McKinsey's global insurance report, we tackle some fundamental issues facing the industry that are seldom confronted

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