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Jester® has arrived in a new format!
We have been busy here at Charles Faram. As well as the breeding and selection of new varieties, we have been looking at new (and sometimes old) methods of delivering even more potency to your brews.

Jester® is our flagship hop and it is an eternal favourite here. Looking at other products on the market we have a number of trials scheduled this year, the first of which recently arrived back from being processed and we are very excited! We have had Jester® processed into T45 pellets – some may be aware of what these are and others not, so please allow us to enlighten those that haven’t heard of these before.
What are T45 pellets?
Type 45 pellets are by no means a new invention. To explain the difference, we should begin with how Type 90 pellets are made. Whole hops are chopped into a fine powder, homogenised (mixed) to ensure consistency within the batch and then pressed through a die. These pellets will have had some material removed (leaf and stem) and the moisture content may be slightly lower than the whole hops before processing, so the 90 in Type 90 or T90 stands for 90%. Originally processors would expect 90% of the weight of the whole hops returned as pellets.

Today the process is more efficient and the return is higher than that but the name for the process has remained the same.
Lupulin enriched

Type 45 pellets differ from Type 90 in that the whole hops are frozen at -20°C, then chopped. When frozen, the lupulin becomes less sticky and it is possible to separate some plant material from the lupulin by sieving. Approximately half of this plant material is discarded and the remainder is then recombined with the lupulin and pressed through a similar die to Type 90. In reality, the amount of plant material used can be varied so these pellets are often standardised to an alpha value, so they may not be 45% of the original weight but more likely 50-80%. These pellets are lupulin enriched pellets.
Clean and juicy
So, what was the goal of this project? There are some obvious advantages to Type 45 pellets. The product weight is reduced so shipping is less costly. When dry hopping in the fermentation or conditioning vessel, beer losses are significantly reduced. There are also some less obvious advantages; potentially a cleaner aroma and flavour profile, and the ability to increase dry hopping rates with more juicy characteristics and less funkiness. 

When they arrived in Newland these pellets caused a huge stir in the office. We will be trialling them on our own pilot brewery and will conduct sensory analysis alongside the same beer but made with conventional Jester® T90 pellets. We would be delighted for you to try them so please do not hesitate to get in touch with your relevant Charles Faram Sales Representative if you would like to see what they can do for you and your brewery.
Which yeast for zero or low alcohol beers?
Available from Charles Faram in March
Non-stock item, please order in advance


SafBrew™ LA-01, is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. chevalieri that has been specifically selected for the production of low and/or non-alcoholic beverages (<0.5ABV). This yeast does not assimilate maltose and maltotriose but assimilates simple sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose) and is characterized by a subtle aroma profile. Yeast with a medium sedimentation: forms no clumps but a powdery haze when resuspended in the beer.

Ingredients: Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. chevalieri), emulsifier E491

Important to know:
✓ As the beer at the end of fermentation will contain a lot of residual fermentable sugars, it is mandatory to pasteurize the beer after packaging (between 80 and 120 PU).
✓ This yeast is not suitable for cropping and repitching.

Download the product sheet

Price changes

  • Fermentis advised us of price increases which we implemented as of 1st January.
  • A Crisp malt price reduction was implemented as of 1st January.
Download the yeast price list
Download the malt price list

Wellhopped World Series

The World Series competition was designed to discover and celebrate the best and most exciting aromas from our Worldwide Hop Development Programme as well as the skills, commitment and labours of the growers.  The overall winner has been selected from hops growing in the UK, Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and the USA.

The second arm to the competition is finding out the best of our brand-new varieties in their earliest stages of development. What hop will be the next big thing at Faram’s?

Thursday 12th March - 12:30 - The Beer Garden

Find out which of our commercial and experimental hops made it as champion and who will be named as the winning grower for 2020 at the awards ceremony taking place at the SIBA BeerX.

You don't have to be a SIBA member to attend BeerX

It's a feast of hopportunities

What else have we got going on at SIBA BeerX?
And again, you don't have to be a SIBA member to attend BeerX
Five minutes with Faram

Wayne and Shaun from Blackedge Brewery

What’s your favourite hop?

Cascade, I think it is a true classic and creates great beers. I would be extremely sad if we ran out of Cascade.

Cascade, it reminds me of Portland!
What’s your favourite beer?

Marble Earl Grey IPA.

Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Porter.
Favourite Food & Beer pairing?

For me, it's anything dirty! Cheese, continental meats mixed with good fresh bread, olives, pickle is ideal. You also can’t beat a great burger with beer or a good continental sausage!

A good selection of cheese and cured meats will do me just fine.
Favourite beer destination?

Portland, Oregon, a fantastic city with loads of small craft brewers selling their fantastic beers from brewery bars all over the city.

Portland, Oregon as this is where we both had our best beer experiences but we also jumped across to Seattle and I enjoyed it there too.
Favourite song/album/artist/music to play during a brew day?

Anything by Queen but favourite probably Hammer To Fall.

REM – Automatic for the People.
What got you into brewing?

A decision made purely based on drinking far too much alcohol whilst sat in a pool bar in Brazil in 2008. After a drunken conversation, we decided we would start brewing beer!  When we arrived back from holiday we bought the kit, set it up and then thought to ourselves, actually we are quite good at this! So I decided to go all in and do it as a full-time occupation. We both set up the brewery and we are doing really quite well.
What's the one item in the brewery you couldn't do without?
I think I speak for both of us and every brewer in the land on this one……the kettle! I can't do without the odd cup of tea or if we are being posh we stick the coffee machine on in the bar upstairs and have a nice fresh Americano 😉
Favourite interest/hobby outside of brewing?
Football, in particular, Liverpool FC.

Football, in particular, Manchester United.

From both:
This does occasionally create a bit of sledging between us!
If you weren’t in the Brewing Industry what would you be doing?

I'd probably be a lazy bum!

To be fair I'm still working for Highways England.
What's next for the brewery?

There are lots of styles of beers we still want to have a go at brewing, so will be looking at doing some experimental brewing over the next 12 months.

We definitely need to focus on expanding our range, particularly in keg beers as at present we mainly do a few here and there for our own taprooms which are very well received by our tap customers. Small pack such as bottles and cans is something we don’t really focus on and is seemingly becoming more important to our consumers to try beers at home as well as on trade, so we definitely are looking to invest in a better way of packaging our products for the take-home market.  

We also need to secure our own brewing future and after just opening our 2nd Tap outlet we think a 3rd late 2020 is essential to our growth.

British hops 

It's only February, but you may be getting your plans together for Beer Day Britain on 15th June.

It's beer day every day, but this gives us another excuse to come together for a party, great events and great beer to celebrate our national drink.
Ask our team for real-time availability and prices.
Variety Approx. Alpha Characteristics Flavour Intensity
ADMIRAL 14 - 16 Resinous, orange, pine 8
ARCHER® 4 - 6 Apricot, lime, floral 6
BOADICEA 6 - 9 Spice, earthy, floral 6
BRAMLING CROSS 5 - 8 Lemon, blackcurrant, spice 8
BULLION 8 - 11 Spice, blackcurrant, damson 7
CASCADE 5 - 9 Floral, grapefruit, orange 7
CHALLENGER 5 - 9 Spice, cedar, green tea 7
CHINOOK 8 - 11 Lemon, grapefruit, pine 7
EAST KENT GOLDINGS 5 - 8 Spice, honey, earthy 6
ENDEAVOUR 5 - 9 Blackcurrant, spice, lemon 7
ERNEST 5 - 7 Apricot, nectarine, spice 8
FIRST GOLD 6 - 9 Orange, marmalade, spice 6
FUGGLES 4 - 7 Grassy, mint, earthy 6
GODIVA™ 6 - 9 Tangerine, white grape, spice 8
GOLDINGS 4 - 8 Spice, honey, earthy 6
HARLEQUIN™ 9 - 12 Passionfruit, peach, pineapple 8
JESTER® 7 - 9 Grapefruit, resinous, blackcurrant 8
KEYWORTHS EARLY 5 - 7 Lemon, grapefruit, earthy 6
KEYWORTHS MID-SEASON 5 - 8 Blackcurrant, lemon, earthy 6
MINSTREL® 5 - 7 Spiced berries, orange, herbal 6
MYSTIC™ 4 - 7 Blackcurrant, orange, passion fruit 7
NORTHDOWN 6 - 9 Spice, cedar, pine 7
OLICANA® 7 - 9 Mango, passionfruit, floral 7
PHOENIX 9 - 12 Chocolate, caramel, spice 6
PILGRIM 9 - 12 Spice, cedar, honey 6
PILOT 7 - 10 Lemon, spice, earthy 6
PIONEER 9 - 12 Lemon, cedar, herbal 8
PROGRESS 5 - 8 Spice, honey, grassy 6
SOVEREIGN 4 - 7 Grassy, floral, earthy 6
SUSSEX 4 - 7 Herbal, blackberry, earthy 5
TARGET 9 - 12 Pine, orange, cedar 8
WGV 5 - 8 Spice, floral, earthy 7
What else have we got?
The 1kg hop packs not only include British hops, but worldwide hops both commercial and experimental.

Keep on creating!

1kg pack availability and price list

Why do you need enzymes?

Enzymes help the responsiveness naturally.
They are so-called "organic-catalysts" and control the degradation processes in the malt:

1.) Removal of the cell walls in order to reach the endosperm.

2.) Degradation of starch in sugars: Amylases are enzymes, which cleave and degrade polysaccharides like starch. In 1833 a French chemist discovered amylase (at that time still called diastase) in a malt solution. Diastase was the first enzyme to be discovered.

The maltster activates and forms the naturally occurring enzymes during the germination process. These are needed during the brew process, so that the starch, present in the grain, can be converted into fermentable sugars. The beer brewers then use these to form alcohol and CO2 with bottom-fermented or top-fermented yeast during fermentation.

Bakers use biotechnologically produced amylases when the flour has too little gas-generating capacity. Here as well, the amylases produce sugars which are converted into ethanol and carbon dioxide during fermentation and thus allow the dough to rise.

3.) Degradation of proteins: Optimal solution of the protein components in the grain for good processing in the brewery. Enzymes cleave the protein molecules into smaller proteins and amino acids. The protein composition plays an important role for the fermentation (yeast nutrition), the foam stability and the taste profile of beers during the beer production.

See more from Weyermann® FAQ Tuesday here

Don't forget the yeast!
Someone always forgets to order the yeast
As you know, we are proud stockists of Fermentis yeast.  Some strains aren't limited to one style or capability, so please chat to us if you would like yeasty advice from the tech team.
OUR PRICE £43.04/500g
OUR PRICE £62.17/500g
English Ale yeast strain
OUR PRICE £32.32/500g
American Ale yeast strain
OUR PRICE £35.73/500g
What yeast have we got?

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