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April Fitness Fridays
12:00 NOON ET & PT
This month, join us every Friday for a 50-minute virtual fitness class: from Stretch to Zumba. View the full class description and registration instructions HERE.
Sign up via Urbancore's website for a noon class in Eastern or Pacific time zones.
Spring Native Gardening
APRIL 20 ~ 12:00 NOON ET & PT
Join us for a spring gardening workshop with WWF-Canada Botanist Ryan Godfrey. Registrants receive a shopping list for an opportunity to plant with Ryan live.
REGISTER for noon ET
REGISTER for noon PT
Indoor Plant Care
APRIL 28+29 ~ 12:00 NOON ET & PT
Join us to learn about indoor plant care and herb gardening, as well as how to prepare your plants for the warmer weather and longer days.

Best wishes for Ramadan

On April 13, many Canadians and Muslims from around the world will welcome Ramadan, a month of fasting, reflection, and joy, and will spend time with family, and give to charity and those in need. To all who observe, Ramadan Mubarak.

Making Earth Day Every Day

Millions of people around the world annually celebrate Earth Day on April 22.
This year, consider making every day Earth Day by becoming a citizen scientist. Expand your enthusiasm for the outdoors (your back yard counts!) to help scientists understand the effects of climate change by tracking species such as the monarch butterfly. To view projects in Canada, visit the Citizen Science Portal.

Vancouver Blooms

With spring upon us, the beauty of nature comes to life with the warming sun, longer days and blooming flowers. In Vancouver, cherry blossoms take centre stage this month, colouring the city with vibrant, pink hues. The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival takes place throughout the month with curated virtual programming such as the How to Haiku workshop, a short film, and much more. Move over grey and dreary, it’s the season for spring pink.

Food for Thought

Ever found a lonely rotting piece of fruit in the back of the fridge looking a little like a science experiment? Food waste can happen to the best of us, and it is a growing issue. According to the 2021 UNEP Food Waste Index Report, eight to 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to food waste. Visit the Food Fight initiative to find waste reduction tips, recipes, a menu guide, and more!

April Stargazing

While the Academy Awards are sure to please movie fans, this month we propose dedicating time to relish in the wonder of the universe by looking skyward for actual stars, meteors and planets. Why not cap off Earth Day by watching the Lyrid Meteor Showers or other celestial events that make April special? Move over Hollywood, the stars are literally right in front of you, and no speech required.
Wellness Tip of the Month

Not only can exercise reduce our risk of developing heart disease, protect our brain health, and keep our bones strong, it can also do wonders for our immune systems. When we exercise, we boost the production of macrophages, important cells that attack the viruses and bacteria that can trigger respiratory tract infections.

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