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Are you our next P&C President?
The JTC P&C will need to be closed down if it does not have a president in place. This will result in both of our canteens being run by external providers. Please contact me by the end of this week (28 May) if you would like to nominate for this role or if you know someone who would be great for it, but just needs a little encouragement!
Exam time!
Year 7 to 10 students have exams during Week 7 (next week) and Year 11 ATAR students are in Week 8. Here are some ways you can help your child prepare for exams:
  • Create flash cards to help memorise information
  • Check Connect for information provided by teachers.
  • Put study points around the house. For example – put a list of science words and meanings on the fridge so that your child reads through something when they are looking for food!
  • Spend time with your child to test them and ask them to revise points that they do not get correct.
  • Allocate time for study and this is rewarded with free time for other activities that they enjoy doing.
  • Ensure a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast prior to exams.
Pupil Free Days coming soon:
  • Friday 4 June
  • WA Day Public Holiday – 7 June
  • Thursday 17 June
Kim Savins

Year 8 & 9 Academic Awards 

At the Tindale Campus assembly the Silver and Bronze Academic Awards for 2020 were given out to students demonstrating high academic achievement across a range of subjects.

Well Done to all students who received an award.

Wayne Bell
Student Services Manager -Tindale Campus
Students, Chloe, Stella and Chloe used dot painting on their paver of the Eastern Curlew, incorporating their Aboriginal culture.

Read more about this project in collaboration with the Friends of Samphire Cove Nature Reserve Community Group in this newsletter.
Year 10 - Duke of Ed
Greening Australia

Our year 10 Duke of Ed students went out in to the Pinjarra region. They were working with Greening Australia to complete flora monitoring using a 10x10m quadrat format.

Students were responsible for identifying which protective barrier was used, what species was planted and the health of the plant. This data will be collated and used to enable Greening Australia to make better selections regarding plant species and which protection to use to give the new seedlings the best chance for survival.

Robert Dawson
Physical Education & Marine Science
Interschool AFL - Boys 
On Thursday 25th of March, nine Year 7 and 8 students from John Tonkin College played an AFL 9’s competition at Rockingham oval.

We played football against various schools around the Peel region and won all but one game. We finished equal first in our pool, but played against third in the other pool due to our percentage. The whole team had worked hard together to get an awesome outcome and had a joyful day out. Our coaches inspired us to do our best. There were a few injuries but we had a heap of fun together.

We played with sportsmanship. We represented our school with pride and are very proud of our results.

Congratulations to everyone for a great day. At the end of the day the score didn’t matter to us, as long as we had an exciting day and tried our best, we were happy.

By Tate Young
Boys Soccer Lightning

On the 26th of March eight year 7/8 boys went to Halls Head football stadium to vs various schools amongst the peel region. We arrived at around 9 o’clock, playing six games with one bi.

We won three of those six games, coming fourth overall.  We all had a really good and exiting day.

We are all really proud of ourselves. We had a few injuries but in the end it was all worth it showing great encouragement, sportsmanship and leadership on the field making JTC proud.
By Daniel Cunningham
Interschool Soccer 2021 
On Friday the 26th of March, nine girls went to the Halls Head Football stadium. We went on to play six games and only lost one. Because of our success in our games we got the chance to play for 3rd and 4th, we played great games all day, all our effort payed off because we ended up coming 3rd.

Nicola the year 12 was a great coach, she is amazing soccer player, she inspired us to just go for it and try our best no matter the circumstances. We used great sportsmanship, and teamwork, we had a great day and had a great laugh.

We finished with lots of injuries, and were exhausted. Thank you for all of the parents that came to cheer us on, and good job to all of the other teams who were great competition.

Lily Barrowcliffe
Lightning Carnival - 

March 26. We were accompanied by; Baldivis, Warnbro, Pinjarra and Costal Lakes at Ross McLarty oval in Pinjarra. We played ruffle 4 games, starting the day with a bi. We were supposed to have a girl and boy team however due to not enough players we had a combined team of both boys and girls.

We had two helper students from MET help with scoring and a teacher, Mr. Love.

We had an amazing day and came home with smiles. 

By student
Zoe Fishwick
AFL Boys Interschool

The boys AFL interschool was really good we won 2 and lost 3. There was a couple injury’s people hurt their ankles and their quads but we got through the day. Everyone played really well, everybody had a touch of the ball and even are smaller players weren’t afraid to put their head under the ball.

With no subs and having to scrap up a team cause we didn’t have enough players everyone did well, and no one could go off so everyone was really tired in the end.

Everyone had fun and tried their hardest and that’s all that matters. Well done to everyone and congratulations to everyone who played.
Year 9S Surf Science Camp 
In Week 3 of term 2, 9S went on a surf science camp with Miss Eckersley and Mr Dawson to Margaret river to watch the Margaret River Surf Pro. Over the days we enjoyed abseiling down a 22 metre cliff that overlooked a beautiful coastline and surfing at gas Bay in Gnarabup with amazing waves. Attending and watching the Surfing Competition was incredible. It was really inspiring watching the surfers and role models from different countries and backgrounds, especially the Australian surfers like Sally Fitzgibbons, Jack Robinson and Willow Hardy ( who is 14 and was chosen as a wild card. )

We all had the luxury to tent among nature with one another and cook dinner on the trangias as a class, and at the end we had a marshmallow fight. We even started our own cooking channel. the bus rides were full with music, entertainment and exciting.

In the end, it was a great opportunity to be given this once in a lifetime experience. we had the best conditions and sunsets, and everything could not have been better planned out. Everything was brilliant and we couldn’t have had better company to share it with.

9S Class Student
Katherine Nowak

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Student Services 

National Day of Action Against Bullying.

At the Met Campus teachers were encouraged to wear ORANGE in a crazy way.

This encouraged conversation with a student to talk about bullying.

The student counsel wore orange and sprayed people's hair, giving them an orange cup cake for a gold coin donation outside the canteen. 

Thank you to all of the students and staff for participating.

Jane Derrell
Student Services

International Food Festival
On Thursday the 25th of March, we had International Food Festival Day, where we had 11 different dishes from different cultures that people brought into share with everyone in the school.  It was a fun day and there was so much good feed-back and comments about how good the food was.

There was the Phillipines, Thailand, Jordanian, New Zealand, Samoan, Australian, English,
Italian, South African, Pakistan, Egyptian. The food was amazing.  It ranged from home-made
Breads to cooked spag bog. The sweets of scones with cream and jam, cakes and slices too.
The favourites seemed to be all the rice dishes and Miss Masina’s Chop Suey from Samoa.
All in all it was a really good day that will hopefully be repeated next year and more students will participate in bringing a dish from their cultural background.
Grace Yumange
31st March 2021
Faction Captain

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  Year 9 Bushrangers - (Semester 2, 2020)

In term 4 last year, the Year 9 Bush Ranger cadets were involved in creating the second instalment of educational paver art for the Samphire Cove Nature Reserve in Halls Head. 

In collaboration with the Friends of Samphire Cove Nature Reserve community group, students were asked to design and paint pavers to represent important bird and plant life found at the reserve to compliment the Interpretive Trail signs. 

Students researched their bird/plant species to create a true representation on the pavers and then produced some impressive artwork.
The pavers have been installed at the nature reserve together with the first instalment pavers completed by our 2019 Bush Ranger Cadets. 

Next time you are in Halls Head, please stop in to wander around the reserve and view the amazing artwork by our students.

Click here to view more photos;
Bianka Radford putting her drawing skills to good use.

  Art News

Sculptures by the Sea
The General year 11 &12 Visual Art students went to Sculptures by the Sea at Cottesloe. Students saw a variety of sculptures displayed in such an amazing setting. 

Their task was to select an Artist & their artwork to investigate on for an assessment.

They thoroughly enjoyed the experience checking each exhibit from every angle, an awesome day to see inspirational & motivational artworks. 

A big thank you to the organisers and the artists for sharing their skill at no cost & to Mrs Fitzgerald who offered her assistance & insight on the day.

Karl Cording

Visual Arts teacher 

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MET campus payed tribute to our ANZACS on Friday the 23rd of April in a moving ceremony.  We commemorate the contribution and sacrifice of our ANZAC soldiers both past and present.

Our JTC students took part in this event with reverence and respect, we are very proud of their participation.

Thank you to all the students and staff who attended and especially those who took part and assisted in making this a very special moment in our school calendar.

Callie Djukic
Student Services Manager
Year 12 Coordinator


 Year 10 Childcare 

Reading to children 
The Year 10 Child care class have been learning about the importance of reading books to small children.

Reading books helps with the language development of children from a very early age. They become familiar with the vowels sounds and can even understand some words at 8 months old.

Here is a collection of the books that the girls made using materials they found themselves from home or in the classroom.

Students can see the books on display in the MET Campus Library.

Judy Saville
Childcare Teacher 

  • SMARTRIDER/ID cards are available through both campus libraries to current enrolled students of John Tonkin College.
  • They cost $5 to replace and can be paid in cash at the library or eftpos at front office.  Please DO NOT ORDER ONLINE. Only order through school libraries.

(Library staff need to sight a receipt before ordering if paid by eftpos)
  • Cards will be ordered twice a week and your child may pick up from the library.
  • Library Staff will inform the student what day pick up is available.
  • When the card returns, it should have the funds from the old card transferred automatically by Transperth. (If this has not occurred phone Transperth on 136213 to transfer funds to new card)
  • The ID component of this card, shows a photo, legal name, birth date, student number and barcode for the following:
  • Legal identification on Transperth Travel
  • access to Library facilities and resources
  • password changes
  • accessing Wheelers eBooks
  • Year 11 & Year 12 exams
  • Year 10, 11 & 12 printing
  • Updating Lateness and Attendance with Student Services
If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact John Tonkin College Campus Libraries

Wheelers E - Books
Wheelers E-Books are a valuable digital library tool that all JTC students and staff may access. 

To access Wheelers E-Books and browse the digital library platform, click here;

For Instructions on how to use Wheelers E-Book Library Click here;

If you have any queries relating to Wheelers E-Books contact the staff at either the MET Campus Library or Tindale Library during school hours. 

Jenni Williams
Manager MET Campus Library

Year 10 Childcare Class - Book Display 

Students can visit the MET Campus Library to view the Childcare Book Display made by the Year 10 Childcare Year Class. 
Tindale Library have on display student Art Work and a wonderful Reptile book display. 

  Workplace Learning News

Click here for more information:

Workplace Learning Contact:
mobile phone:  0437 859 516

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  Canteen News

Canteen Opening times
MET Cafeteria
Opening hours from Monday to Friday :  7.45am to 2.00pm.
We are looking for Student /Parent Volunteers to come and Join our friendly canteen environment.
  • Meet New People.
  • A Great Opportunity to learn new skills.
Contact Hayley if you are interested.

Tindale canteen is up and running come on in see what yummy food we have. 

Open   Monday – Friday:  7:45- 1:30pm

Please click here to order on-line;

Volunteering will go towards your Good standing and you will get a $5.00 Canteen Voucher.  If you have any free periods this would be a perfect time.  If you are presentable, polite and willing to work - Come and see Hayley in the MET Canteen. 

Hayley - Canteen Manager Met Campus
JTC Cafeteria 

  Tuckey House News

Tuckey House 

Tuckey House Student and representative Jarrod Earl holding the plaque recently donated to the school from Judith Tuckey.

"The Tuckey family has been significant in the development of the Mandurah economy, building the Brighton Hotel and other facilities as well as being successful farmers, fishermen, transporters, retailers and timber millers."
Stuart Tuckey, Judith and Owen Tuckey's son,  spoke about the Tuckey family and noted that generations have remained in the Mandurah district and in Western Australia.  Stuart's message resonates with the John Tonkin College community on the importance of continued learning and education.  "Since the early settlement of WA the Tuckey family have met the changing needs of the local community and learnt new skills in areas where demand was high.'

The Tuckey Fish Canning Factory. Photo supplied by Stuart Tuckey,  taken on the Mandurah Eastern Foreshore. 

Click here to read more about Early Mandurah History;

Click here for information on our Local Legend Judith Tuckey;
  • 26 May     Australia's Biggest Morning Tea Fundraiser
  • 28 May     UWA ATAR Incursion - MET
  • 31 May     Year 7 - 10 Examinations 
  • 3 June      Year 9 Surf Science Conference
  • 4 June       PUPIL FREE DAY
  • 7 June       PUBLIC HOLIDAY - Western Australia Day
  • 8 June       Year 1st Aid Training Bushrangers and Surf Science
  • 9 June       Year 9/10 Peel Sports Carnival 
  • 10 June     Year 9/10 Peel Sports Carnival 
  • 14 June     UWA STEM Incursion - Tindale Year 7/8
  • 17 June     PUPIL FREE DAY
  • 2 July        Last day of Term 2 (School Holidays 5th to 18th of July)
  • 19 July      PUPIL FREE DAY
  • 20 July      Students return - 1st Day back of Term 3 
  •  1 Aug       OLNA commences 
  • 10 Aug       OLNA finishes
  • 14 Aug       Science Week (Saturday14th Aug to Sunday 22nd August)
  • 23 Sep       School Ball 7pm to 11pm
  • 24 Sep       PUPIL FREE DAY - last day of Term Three 
School Fundraising
Containers for Change is happening
at JTC! -  Everyone can participate in this School Fundraiser.

Stop throwing your recyclable containers in your kerbside recycling bin.

We would love it if you dropped them off at school and 10 cents from each eligible container will go towards school improvement projects.
Tindale Campus - the collection bin is at the end of the internal driveway on the left as you exit the site.
MET Campus - the collection bin is located along the driveway just past the library on the left.
Excluded containers
There are some drink containers that are not eligible for a refund. Generally, excluded containers are those that are less than 150ml and greater than 3L.
Excluded containers include:
Any plain milk containers
Any glass containers which have contained wine or pure spirits
Containers 1L or larger which have contained flavoured milk, pure fruit or vegetable juice
All cordial or syrup containers
Registered health tonics

Click here for more recycling information;
Uniform Shop Details
Unit 2/76 Reserve Drive 
Mandurah  WA  6210

PH: (08) 9500 3036
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Click here to visit the beacon website;
Community News

Peel Youth Service

Click here to find out services offered;

Thank you to our Sponsors

We are grateful for the support and encouragement they give to our school community. 

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We Believe; We Empower; We Succeed
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