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This newsletter is jam-packed with articles and photos of events that have been happening recently. We certainly have been busy! A massive thank you goes to all of the staff who work extremely hard behind the scenes to make all of these extra opportunities happen for our students.
World Teachers’ Day is just around the corner, with this year’s theme being ‘A Bright Future.’  This year was a massive learning curve for us all, and now we can harness our new skills and knowledge to ensure the future is bright.
Our Year 12s are in their final days of their secondary education. This is an exciting and anxious time. New challenges and opportunities are just around the corner; they just need to finish off their last assessments and say their farewells.
As the holidays approach, we are mindful that this is a time where mental health is a little harder to monitor as friends and teachers are not able to see signs of issues. We ask that families stay observant and connected (as much as you can with teenagers) to pick up an any issues as early as possible. The Headspace website has some fantastic resources:

Kim Savins

 The Athletics House Carnival 

On Friday the 11th of September we held our 2020 Athletics House Carnival.  The students cheered for their House all day and those who participated are to be commended for their determination and sportsmanship.

Congratualtions to the winning House. Eacott and to all Champion and Runner up boy and girl winners!

Click here for more action photos;
 Athletics Carnival House Winners 2020:

1 st     Eacott
2 nd    Sutton
3 rd     Hall
4 th     Tuckey

Year 7 Girls Champion Girl Lily Barrowcliffe, Runner up champion girl Ellie Clements
Year 7 Boys Champion Boy Daniel Cunningham, Runner up champion boy Tate Young
Year 8 Girls Champion Girl Rikki-Lee Morgan, Runner up champion girl Jasmin Toussaint
Year 8 Boys Champion Boy Ethan Thomas, Runner up champion boy Seth McCartney
Year 9 Girls Champion Girl Ashleigh Syme, Runner up champion girl Hayley Moroney
Year 9 Boys Champion Boy Jayden Walsh, Runner up champion boy Zac Garcia
Year 10 Girls Champion Girl Farrah Evans, Runner up champion girl Kye Turner
Year 10 Boys Champion Boy Hendrik Cronje, Runner up champion boy Elijah Tibbot

Open Girls Champion Girl Adele Evans Runner up champion girl Zoey Torrent
Open Boys Champion Boy Joel McGowan Runner up champion boy Nian Beer

Congratulations to all the participants and the Winners on the Day! 
 Peel Sport Carnival

After waiting all year for some sport on the 27th and 28th of August our yr 7-8s participated in the Peel Sports Association School Carnival against local schools, in Basketball, Soccer, Netball and Touch Rugby.

All teams trained and participated well on the day.

JTC hosted the Mixed Touch Rugby Carnival at Rushton North and with the year 12 Sport and Recreation class helping with umpiring and coaching JTC Touch Rugby finished 2nd on the day which was a great effort. Papa Tangimetua was the leading try scorer on the day with 8 tries.

Boys and Girls Basketball teams participated at Mike Barnett Stadium and the girls had some good wins and finished 3rd overall, boys tried hard and continued to improve all day.

We had two Netball teams compete and both continued to improve all day, and both finished the day with wins, Abbey Michalowsky and Mackenzie Tune performed well.

The boy's soccer team played at Peelwood Oval Halls Head and tried hard all day and continued to improve and finished 6th overall.  Top players were Year 7 Daniel Cunningham and Year 8 Lycan Booth.

Ben Duke
Health, Outdoor and Physical Education

The students acknowledged the wonderful day they had in their comments below; 
Mackenzie T- 8S
On Friday the 21st of August, the year 7 and 8 netball girls attended the netball carnival held at the Thompson Street netball courts. We had such a good day playing and showing off our skills. Thank you to the teachers who took us to the carnival. We did great with a result of 4th place! It was well organised and we had a great time.

Briana Spiteri- 8S
On Friday the 21st of August, the year 7 and 8 girls and boys attended the touch rugby carnival held at Thompson oval. We had such a great day competing against various other schools, with a result of 3rd place. It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to represent JTC! Thank you to Mr Duke for giving up your time to help train our team.
Lily Barrowcliffe- 7SB
On Friday the 21st of August, the year 7 and 8 girls went to play basketball in Rockingham at the Mike Barnett Stadium. Thank you Chloe for coaching us, you did a great job with our team coming 3rd! It was a great day competing and hanging out with our friends.
Containers for Change is Starting Soon in Mandurah!
Stop throwing your recyclable containers in your kerbside recycling bin. We would love it if you dropped them off at school and 10 cents from each eligible container will go towards school improvement projects. Start putting them aside now and bring them to school next term.

Excluded containers
There are some drink containers that are not eligible for a refund. Generally, excluded containers are those that are less than 150ml and greater than 3L.
Excluded containers include:
Any plain milk containers
Any glass containers which have contained wine or pure spirits
Containers 1L or larger which have contained flavoured milk, pure fruit or vegetable juice
All cordial or syrup containers
Registered health tonics
Photo:    Year 12 Students and Science Teacher, Andrea Krinks
A Day at the Zoo
A group of Year 12 students (mostly ATAR Human Biology and Biology) travelled to the Perth Zoo, on the SES bus (thanks to the magnificent driving skills of Ms Kennedy)

The aim of the day was to study Primates (monkeys and apes), Biodiversity and Conservation programs. Students completed workbooks as they strolled around the Zoo in the lovely sunshine. A wonderful learning opportunity to apply classroom acquired knowledge.

Click here to see more;

Releasing the Black Bream into the Murray River.

Click here to view The Black Bream Project;

Peel Bright Minds recently held a community event at John Tonkin College in collaboration with the groups below.  Over 70 people attended (with social distancing) the evening which included community members, staff, students and representatives from all the participating groups provided information about the Black Bream Project. 

JTC Principal, Kim Savins is a steering committee member of the Peel Bright Minds group.

"In Peel, passionate people who want to see a bright future for the region’s community, environment and economy are working together to inspire people of all ages in Peel to be more interested and engaged in STEM and lifelong learning. Together, we have formed a new initiative - Peel Bright Minds."  

Please view the link above to watch how this conservation project has evolved and how it will benefit the Peel Region. 

For more information on the "Peel Bright Minds" Click here;

The fish are released by John Tonkin College students with the Peel Harvey Catchment Council and other associated groups representatives. 
Science Teacher Barbara Sing coordinates the Black Bream breeding program at John Tonkin College.

 Annual Time Capsule Opening 

This recent event attracted students and parents to the MET Campus Library.  A delicious afternoon tea was provided to students, parents and staff.  Principal, Kim Savins and Deputy Principal Donna Heath gave out the time capsule contents to the Year 12 students who had contributed when they were in Year 7. The Time Capsules included the students thoughts in, poems, drawings, pictures or essays.  The students had time to reflect on the last 6 years of their school life while having a few good laughs and reminiscing they enjoyed the afternoon tea and time with friends. 

Time Capsules not collected on the day can now be collected from the MET Campus Library on school days. 

Recently John Tonkin College held R U OK? Days. It was a reminder that on every day of the year we should support people who may be struggling. But also, that there's more to say after R U OK? If someone says they're not OK make time to listen, encourage action and check in.

The students were involved in various activities on the days, including staff v student volleyball game, delicious yellow food, had yellow hair spray and nail polish applied and participated in fun lunchtime activities such as a donut eating contest and sack races.

We had local community stalls which support Mental Health engage with our students and support the days. You can learn what to say after R U OK? at

Click here to see more photos;

Timeless20's Art Exhibition & Performance Opening Night

On Wednesday 26th of August John Tonkin Senior campus hosted the 2020 Arts exhibition and performance opening night. 

We had over 100 people in attendance, along with the Arts Minister the Hon David Templeman and our Mayor Rhys Williams.

2020 has been a challenging year for us all. We reflect on the similarities of the past and today’s events, through an exhibition that pays homage to our history and looks to the future.

Click here to read more and view photos: 

Award Winner - Hayley Gibbs

Awards for were presented for Art and Photography and the following is a list of those worthy recipients; 
Photography Overall Winner  Thomas Lanstone  “Yellow”

Highly Commended                 Hayley Pegg          “Freedom”        
                                                   Maddie Brinded     “Happy Place”

People’s Choice Award           Alexis Nunn            “Soft Cloud” 
Visual Art Overall Winner        Hayley Gibbs            “Tree Frog”

Highly Commended                 Amy Mansfield        “Jellyfish”        
                                                   Sophie Blake           “Sick”

People’s Choice Award           Hannah Walsh         “Bay Guy” 
Ken Wyatt Cup 

The Ken Wyatt Cup is held in celebration of education, employment and Australian Football participation by the Deadly Sista Girlz. It provides a stage for our girls to exhibit the hard work and dedication they have committed throughout the year to their Football program, and allows the opportunity for participants to work as a team, develop leadership skills through coaching roles, and connect with Deadly Sista Girlz from other schools.
Tuesday marked our 4th Annual Ken Wyatt Cup which was held at Mineral Resources Park in Lathlian. The Cup has grown year on year, and this year we had 8 teams of 15 players from different schools from the years 7-10 compete for the Cup. 
In between games out DSG’s attended our Careers Expo where they spoke with over 25 different employers about future pathways.
Our JTC Deadly Sista Girlz made it all the through to the Grand Final going down just 3 goals to Governor Stirling Senior High School.
Special mention to our Shakaya Rodney, year 10, for taking out JTC’s best player as well as our Rikki-Lee Morgan, Year 8, for coming Runner Up overall Ken Wyatt Cup MVP on the day. 

Cassie Davidson
Deadly Sista Girlz Coordinator

Click here for more photos;
International Food Day
The Aboriginal Education Department staff, Andrea Tacko, Denysha Marshall and Luke Beeson together with staff, students and parents organized a special banquet enjoyed by all.  The Education Support Department provided a sausage sizzle. Staff and students tasted a wide variety of food dishes from countries all over the world. 
Cultural Tour at Elizabeth Quay 

"Noongar elder, cultural consultant and public speaker Walter McGuire took us on a walk through elizabeth quay and gave us a glimpse into the world's oldest living culture through ancient Dreamtime stories, traditional songs and Noongar language. We learnt how the natural world, the six seasons and elements have influenced the day to day lives of Noongar People, determining their unique spiritual connection to this country."

Click Here to view more;
Noongar elder, cultural consultant and public speaker Walter McGuire with JTC students.
RU Okay? 

Happiness, Wellness and Healing. 

Students sourced valuable information in the JTC MET Campus Library while visiting the "R U Okay?"  Display. 


Wheelers EBooks Consortium is a digital ebook service open to all Staff  and Students of John Tonkin College.

  It works like a normal library where you can borrow a book for two weeks,       
  return it, or reserve items that are already loaned out.

Book Week - Coming up in Term 4 

Tindale Campus Library - RU Okay? Display

  • Monday 12 October Term 4 commences for all students
  • 12 - 16 October National Nutrition Week
  • 16 October - Last day for Year 12s
  • Mid October - Design and Technologies Week
  • 17 - 23 October Book Week - Curious Creatures
  • 30 October - World Teachers Day
  • 2 November WACE Exams commence
  • 9 November Year 7 to 11 Exam Week
  • 11 - 17 November National Recycling Week
  • 11 November Remembrance Day
  • 18 November Year 12 Breakfast and Valedictory Ceremony
  • 20 November Last day for Year 11s
  • 17 December Last Day for Year 7 to 10 students
Containers for Change
(Refunds for Eligible Recyclable Containers)
As many would have heard by now Western Australia has joined the revolution and implementing the Containers for Change program from 1st October 2020.

This is a State-wide container deposit scheme that lets you cash in eligible drink containers for 10-cents each.

In WA, we use more than 1.3 billion drink containers each year, enough to line a path from Perth to Broome, with many of these currently ending up as litter on the side of the road or in landfill, and most of them are made of materials that are easily recyclable.
Eligible containers can be returned in two ways :
  1. Drop off at a Refund Point for your refund
  2. Donate to John Tonkin College who will collect containers as a fundraising opportunity
Therefore if you have containers and would like to donate them to John Tonkin College then please drop off in either of the cages when dropping or collecting students :
  1. Near the Exit Gates at Tindale Campus
  2. Outside the Library (near the Bus Shed) in the pickup & drop-off lane at MET Campus
Lists of eligible containers are found on
Please do not deposit ineligible containers into the JTC cages as there will be a cost for them to be removed which decreases the refund for containers provided back to John Tonkin College?
If you are transporting the containers to the cages within boxes or bags, please empty the eligible containers only into these cages?
Thank you for your assistance in helping keep our State cleaner, and helping JTC raise some funds which will be used for the benefit of students.
Canteen Opening times
Tindale Canteen
Opening hours will be open for RECESS & lunch for students.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
Time: 7:00am to 1.20pm

Limited food will be on offer for Lunch service, so it is preferable that a place a lunch order is placed using Quikcliq or at the canteen during RECESS or before School starts
MET Cafeteria
Opening hours from Monday:  7.45am to 2.00pm.
Open Monday to Friday - For Dine in and takeaway 

Hayley & Adele
JTC Cafeteria 
New Computer Bags 

Available for Students on a first come first served basis

The college has 100 new Dell or HP Laptop Computer bags that have been taking up space for a number of years so a decision was made for them to be available to the students to obtain. 

They will be available for collection from both Tindale Library (50) and the MET Campus Library (50) from Monday the 12th of October (First Morning of Term 4).

If you would like to secure your free new Laptop Bag then please be early so you don't miss out.

Once we have run out that is it.  Only one bag will be given out per student. 
Are you a Year 12 ATAR student then come visit us online for some revision sessions. We will be offering a variety of subjects, delivered by engaging and enthused teachers, currently teaching the 2020 syllabus.

Please click here for more information:
Community News

Peel Youth Service

Click here to find out services offered;


Thank you to our Sponsors

We are grateful for the support and encouragement they give to our school community. 

Click here to see who they are;

Cerro - The Galapagos Tortoise - One of the oldest members of the Perth Zoo turned 54 recently. 
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