From the Principal…
This is a jam-packed newsletter. I really hope you have the time to check out all of the amazing things that have been happening at JTC this term.
Therefore, I will keep my bit brief!
We need you on our social media – Facebook and Instagram! Once on there, like everything you see!!! This helps us to spread the word about all of the great things happening at JTC and attracts more fabulous families to our school. In 2022, we will be forming a student marketing group who will be given responsibility for producing content guided by industry professionals.
$1,000,000!!!! That’s how much we’ve been given for STEM at JTC. This was an unexpected surprise and was an election commitment. We are busy determining how this will be spent!
COVID Safe – When the borders open up, we expect things to change in WA. From the start of next year, we will be asking parents who visit the front office of either site, to check-in via the Safe WA app.
After another very busy year, we wish you all a joyful Christmas and New Year!

Kim Savins
 Compass Information
Dear Parent/Carer From the start of 2021, the College has been using Compass as our school management system.

As a parent, Compass will allow you to:
  •        View up-to-date attendance information.
  •        Approve or enter upcoming or past absences for your child.
  •        Update your registered email and mobile number (For SMS alerts)
  •        Access information regarding upcoming events and news.
  •        Consent for upcoming excursions.

These features, plus others, will be rolled out over the year and may not be available at the moment.

Accessing Compass
Compass is a web-based system that is accessible on any modern web browser or by using the 'Compass School Manager' app available to download for iOS from the App Store or Android from the Play Store.

To access Compass on your computer, navigate to;,
      or access the quick link from our College website.

If you do not have access to a computer and/or mobile phone, please continue to communicate with the school as previously done.

An email has been sent to all parents/carers with Compass login details.
Upon the first login, you will be required to change your temporary password and confirm your email address and mobile phone number.

Please ensure that you keep your login details secure and do not disclose them to your child. Students will be provided with their own login details.

Please do not hesitate to contact the College on 95383 0400 if you require any further assistance.

Yours sincerely Che Heeley
Deputy Principal John Tonkin College
Surf Science - Smoothstar
At the end of last term JTC’s Surfing team participated in a Smoothstar Surf/Skate clinic hosted by the Head Coach of local surf school, Salt And Mantra, Aaron Reddall.

Students learnt some brand new skills and progressed quickly as they practiced various manoeuvres that translate directly to surfing.

Aaron highly commended the students on their manners, confidence and motivation and said that it was a pleasure to work with such lovely students! Massive well done to everyone involved 😊
Keryn Eckersley
Health & Physical Education Teacher
Surf Science Outdoor Education Coordinator
Year 9 Bushranger Cadets

Fairy Tern Sanctuary

The Fairy Tern is one of Australia’s smallest and rarest seabirds. These small, coastal seabirds measure less than 250 mm from their bill- to tail-tip, and in peak breeding condition, they feature a dark black head cap, bright orange bill and legs.

Fairy Terns can often be seen nesting and raising fledglings on sandy beaches, shallow continental islands and near estuary mouths during the summer months. The exposed nesting sites preferred by the birds can make them vulnerable to vehicles, foot traffic, pets, and feral animals including cats. In recent times, a loss of breeding habitat combined with intensive human-induced activity has resulted in recurrent breeding failure. It is currently estimated that there are fewer than 3,000 pairs of Fairy Terns in WA.

Students from John Tonkin College have planted trees and collected Marine Litter prior to the breeding season from the sanctuaries. Recently they completed 23 chick shelters designed to protect chicks when the parents are out fishing.  

Barbara Sing BSc BEd

Level 3 Science Teacher
Bushranger Cadet Instructor
John Tonkin College
Year 9 Surf Science 
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Camp  

In week 2 this term, the Year 9 Surf Science class completed their Adventurous Journey for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

We departed JTC bright and early Monday morning and spent the week in Denmark.
It was a very wet and wild week but the students managed to make the most of their trip surfing, hiking, swimming and taking in all of the beautiful views that Denmark has the offer. We went to Albany and explored Whaleworld, the Wind Farm, the Gap & Natural Bridge and a few pristine beaches. We also went to Walpole and saw the Valley of the Giants through the Tree Top Walk and Ancient Empire Walk.
9S were responsible for planning this entire trip including the itinerary, menu, equipment list and more. They cooked delicious meals every night and were exceptionally clean and organised. Each day we had many exciting activities and our campsite was very well set-up.

Our students were so well behaved and independent that they were even mistaken as year 11 or 12s by fellow campers!
All students are to be commended for their efforts! Well done 9S!

Keryn Eckersley
Health & Physical Education Teacher
Surf Science Outdoor Education Coordinator

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Cross-Country 2021 
On Friday 20th August students competed in the annual JTC Cross Country 3 km race.

With the rain we have had, it provided a conditions associated with a cross-country race.

Well done to all competitors who ran and congratulations to all place getters.

Che Heeley
Deputy Principal – John Tonkin College

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Health Expo 2021
On Thursday 19th of August the Year 12 Health Studies students held their annual Health Expo at our Tindale Campus. All who attended the Health Expo said it was very good and found it great fun. The year twelves did an amazing job of hosting the exhibition and kept us entertained and on our toes, switching from task to task which was challenging and informative.

Examples of activities included, running with a straw in our mouths to simulate the breathing issues with lung cancer and asthma. This gave us some insight of how tiring it is for a person who is suffering from a breathing problem. The year twelves also made fake lungs, to simulate asthma, as an asthmatic myself, I found it interesting to watch the others work hard at this task.

There were stalls and activities which highlighted emotional, mental, physical and social health issues which we all found very informative. Over all this was well put together and it showed how debilitating some of the conditions can be for a person.
Well Done year twelves!

Tindale Campus Student
JTC Day  
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World Teachers Day 
In 2021 Australia celebrated the bright future of teaching on social media and grabbed  645,449 virtual apples. That’s almost twice as many as the 337,307 teachers across the country. Schools celebrated big time too – with some incredible festivities, messages from students and plenty of #BrightFuture sunglasses selfies.
Click on this click to see photos; 
Dominos Mandurah donated 8 pizzas for World Teachers day.
Thanks Dominos.
To read more about World Teachers Day click here; 
JTC Art Mural 
Mural Concept for John Tonkin College 

By Artist Sioux Tempestt

During the design workshop I spoke to the children about my arts practice and working as a full time artist in Perth.  Working predominantly in abstraction, I shared insights into breaking down visual elements into their basic forms so they are representational only.  I believe the ability of the public to think critically and interpret non-representational modern contemporary artwork can be underestimated.
  • We discussed the school ethos of "Respect, Commit, Excel'.
  • We discussed place, community and what the children liked about living in the Mandurah area.  The main source of enjoyment gained from the local area which resonated with all was the ocean, the river and the activities taking place within. 
  • Other themes which were discussed were imagination and the importance of recycling. 
Click here to read the full article and view the process of this creating the mural;

Click here to read more:
JTC - School Ball
Secret Garden

It was a magical evening at the Peel Manor House in Karnup where the Year 12 Ball took place recently. 

The Year 12 Ball committee decided the theme would be "Secret Garden".  The splendid location provided a venue with Dancing, Dinner and all round good fun for students and staff. 

"As the night went on kids were all there, dragging the teachers up to dance to enjoy one of the final celebrations to end their school journey."  

The Belle was Sarah Edmondstone and Beau Seth Brown.  Both can be seen below after the crowning ceremony. 

Photos for both the school ball and school graduation can be ordered through Bliss Studio.  Details are below. 
Click here to go directly to Bliss Studio website;
JTC - Valedictory
The Annual Valedictory Breakfast was held in the MET Campus Cafeteria.  The canteen staff prepared a delicious meal for the hungry Year 12 students, who then rehersed for the evening event held at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

The 2021 Valedictory event was enjoyed by students, families, carers, sponsors and staff. 
School Sport WA Interschool Athletics Carnival
35 students from John Tonkin College attended the School Sport WA Interschool Athletics Carnival on the 26th October at the WA Athletics stadium.

The students competed against 7 other schools and demonstrated high levels of Commitment, Respect and Excellence. Although outnumbered by other schools, we had many students place in multiple events and demonstrate exemplary behaviour and sportsmanship all day.

A big congratulations to two of our students, Nasth Chesster Junsay and Nian Beer, for coming runner up champions for their age groups. All students and helpers should be proud of their efforts. A great Day had by all involved.  
9S - Film makers 
Film Makers - Keeping it clean
Congratulations to students from 9S have been working with Sharon Meredith and the Clean Waters Team to creat a short video to encourage people to dispose of their cigarette buts thoughtfully.

They created a soundtrack, storyboard and worked on props and costumes. They filmed on location at the skatepark. 

Barbara Sing
Science Teacher
Year 7 - Surf Science

The Mussel Project (Shellfish Gardening)

The Mussel Project is a part of the ‘Three Rivers, One Estuary’ initiative supported by The Alcoa Foundation and delivered in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, Peel-Harvey Catchment Council and Greening Australia.

Surf Science students from Year 7 worked with scientists from The Nature Conservancy, Murdoch University and the Bindjareb Indigenous Ranger group growing and monitoring Mussels in specially designed baskets at the Marine over Semester 2.

Students cleaned the baskets monthly and collected important data about mussel growth and survival and other colonising marine life. The mussels were moved onto the trial beds which will be monitored for the coming months as they continue to grow. The program is part of a project to re-establish shellfish reef ecosystems that will provide food and shelter for other marine life and bring many other benefits to the estuary and local economy.”

Barbara Sing BSc BEd
Level 3 Science Teacher
Bushranger Cadet Instructor

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Arts and Technology 
In Year 9 woodwork, students have been researching, designing and then constructing a functioning gumball machine.

They were also introduced to a new machine in the workshop - the woodturning lathe, which they used to create the turning noses of the machine. They’ve all done an exceptional job!

Mrs Gorman 
Science Teacher
Design & Technology Teacher

  Art News

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JTC - Art Exhibition - MPAC 
This Art Exhibition is now open to the general public and is on display at the Mandurah Performing Art Centre. 
Left to right Sebastian Spozetta, Chloe Shields, Daisy Purmalis, Sarah Edmonstone, Isis Naisbit, Lexi Nunn, Hannah Walsh and Donnie Henson.

Annette James
Design Photography and Drama Teacher
Positive Behaviour Support Team Leader
 Tucker Bush Program
JTC Tindale students were fortunate enough to have a visit from Mark of the Tucker Bush program and Connie from Bindi Bindi Dreaming.
Students were given an insight into the 6 Noongar seasons and the plants and animals associated with these seasons.
Students had the opportunity to plant a native plant and expand on this knowledge in our new Mandjar Barangginy Boodja (Mandurah Creating Land).
Student Services 
Dog Therapy 
Hello my JTC family,

I have been here at your school for about 6 weeks and wow it is nearly holiday time, most off you will be happy about this, but I will be sad because I love coming to school, getting lots of pats and walks, sometimes I get to play with the balls and ropes.

My Therapy Area is being worked on now and I love helping Mr Andrew with the digging for my new sandpit and should be ready for us to share next year. You can come with me to sit in the quiet, colour-in some pictures, maybe even read a story to me because I really like when student's do that. My home mum, Miss Masina looks after me really well and I just get to be a dog, Miss Coleen is my work mum, and yes, she can be a little grumpy at me too because I love her so much, I get very excited to see her, I like helping her in the office and going into class,

My Library mum, Miss Lyn is the best, we have lots of fun in library and when you come in there to see me it makes me really happy., I also a group of helpers that come and take me to walk around with them at recess and lunch times, I get so say hello to so many of you it is AWESOME!!!! I am still learning and getting to know you all and learn the school rules, but you are all helping me with that.
So I will say bye for now and I will see you at school.
Love MR Hamish JTC
​Kind regards
Coleen Holender
Lead-Special Needs Allied Professional
Trainer and Assessor
Hamish enjoying listening to students read.
Time Capsule Opening 2021 
The annual Year 12 Time Capsule opening occurred with contents being distributed to students by Deputy Principal, Donna Heath, Jane Derrell, Manager of Student Services and Tanya Eastwell, Student Co-ordinator. 

Students, Staff and parents enjoyed a special afternoon tea in the MET Campus Library while having a few laughs over junior school day memories.

To view more photos click here;
Year 9 - Orientation Day - MET Campus 
Year 9 Students were welcomed at The MET Campus on the Orientation Day. 

Students listened to a school band at lunch time and participated in various activities during the day.  
Students participated in various activities that are on offer at the MET Campus. 

  JTC - Bushfire Plan

Bushfire Zone Register

The department of education (the department) is concerned to maximise the safety of its students and staff. John Tonkin College has been added to the Bushfire Zone Register.

Inclusion of this register means that the school may be required to invoke pre-emptive closure on a day for which a Catastrophic Fire Danger rating (FDR) has been declared for the City of Mandurah. A Catastrophic FDR means that if a fire starts, it is likely to be uncontrollable, unpredictable and fast moving.

What does this mean for our school?

When given advance warning by DFES that a catastrophic FDR has been forecast for a given day, the Deputy Director General of schools, may direct the pre-emptive closure of John Tonkin College.

If the school receives such a direction, you will be informed of the possible planned closure by a letter sent home with your child. Parents of students absent on the day this letter is sent home will be contacted by phone, so please ensure the school has up to date contact details for you. In the intervening period between the declaration of the pre-emptive closure and the day of the planned closure, DFES will monitor weather patterns to keep the department informed of any changes to the forecast for the declared day. The final decision to pre-emptively close the school will be informed by the Department with the principal no later than 4:30pm on the day before the declared day. If the forecast changes after that deadline, the closure will stand, regardless of improvements to the weather conditions later in the afternoon of the day before the declared day or overnight.

The intention is to limit confusion or uncertainty for parents and to allow you ample time to make alternative child care arrangements. Parents will be advised of the confirmation of closure, or its reversal, by a note sent home with your child on the day before the planned closure. Again, parents of students absent on the day will be contacted by telephone.

How will I know when the school is reopening?

It is anticipated that the school will only be required to close for a single day at a time, but this will depend on the weather. John Tonkin College uses SMS to advise parents of student absences: You will receive an SMS to advise you whether the school will reopen the day after the planned closure, or whether it will remain closed. The school website will contain a notice to advise you of the current status of the school closure and when it is expected to reopen. I ask that you monitor local media for current information about fire danger ratings and notification of schools reopening.

Staying tuned to ABC local radio in your locality is advisable. You can also check with DFES on 1300 657 209 or Alternatively you can call me on 0431 162 604 or the South Metro Educational Regional Office on 9336 9563. If any of the options listed above for finding out when to send your child back to school will prove problematic, please contact the school to arrange for us to phone you to advise you when the school will reopen.


Please contact the school on 9583 7373 if you have any questions about planned closures during the bushfire season.

Kim Savins

Click here for a printable copy of this plan;
P & C Funding  
MET Garden beds Developed - With Funding from P&C
During the recent October holidays, the JTC gardeners finished the new garden beds at the MET Campus, south of the Admin building, by planting a variety of natives that will help beautify the entrance to our campus.  Originally these garden beds were water ponds, constructed as a feature entry statement into the Admin building. 

Unfortunately, over time the ponds had deteriorated and were costing a lot of money for repairs, cleaning, chemicals, and water replacement through evaporation.  The College decided that we would empty the ponds to save valuable funds and felt that attractive gardens would make a much more appealing entry statement for the campus. 

Our P&C kindly donated $3588 towards the costs of these garden beds, which included soil, premium garden mix, mulch, reticulation, and then finally the plants.  This project would not have occurred without the invaluable labour supplied by the College maintenance team, and the funding provided by the JTC P&C.
Safer Communities Funding  
New Garrison fences and gates have recently been installed at our Tindale Campus, replacing the chain-link fencing that has surrounded the school since 1979.

This fence and gates was funded by the Safer Communities Fund, administered through the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science which is aimed at addressing crime and anti-social behaviour, protecting children at risk of attack, harassment or violence stemming from racial or religious intolerance.
Students at our Tindale Campus are now much safer and secure as they are unable to cut the chain-link fencing during the day, and visitors can only access the campus through the Administration building, reducing the temptations to walk into the campus un-supervised.

Greg Williams
Manager Corporate Services

  • SMARTRIDER/ID cards are available through both campus libraries to current enrolled students of John Tonkin College.
  • They cost $5 to replace and can be paid in cash at the library or eftpos at front office.  Please DO NOT ORDER ONLINE. Only order through school libraries.

(Library staff need to sight a receipt before ordering if paid by eftpos)
  • Cards will be ordered twice a week and your child may pick up from the library.
  • Library Staff will inform the student what day pick up is available.
  • When the card returns, it should have the funds from the old card transferred automatically by Transperth. (If this has not occurred phone Transperth on 136213 to transfer funds to new card)
  • The ID component of this card, shows a photo, legal name, birth date, student number and barcode for the following:
  • Legal identification on Transperth Travel
  • access to Library facilities and resources
  • password changes
  • accessing Wheelers eBooks
  • Year 11 & Year 12 exams
  • Year 10, 11 & 12 printing
  • Updating Lateness and Attendance with Student Services
If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact John Tonkin College Campus Libraries

Wheelers E - Books
Wheelers E-Books are a valuable digital library tool that all JTC students and staff may access. 

To access Wheelers E-Books and browse the digital library platform, click here;

For Instructions on how to use Wheelers E-Book Library Click here;

If you have any queries relating to Wheelers E-Books contact the staff at either the MET Campus Library or Tindale Library during school hours. 

Jenni Williams
Manager MET Campus Library
Check out the Tindale library Halloween display here; 
Emma Patten with her favourite novel by author Sarah J. Maas in front of the book week display at the MET campus library.
Time Capsule - (Year 12 Students) 
Time Capsule contents (2021, Year 12's) are held for a limited time only. Collect yours from the MET Campus library if not already collected at the Opening Ceremony.
Tindale Library - Mental Health Display
Students created Emojis on yellow plastic plates for Mental Health Week.
Students listed five things they were grateful for in their lives to create a tree.

  Workplace Learning News

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Workplace Learning Contact:
mobile phone:  0437 859 516

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  • 17 Dec         PUPIL FREE DAY - Last day of Term Four
  • 25 Dec         Christmas Day
  • 26 Dec         Boxing Day
  • 26 Jan          Australia Day
  • 27 Jan          School Development Day
  • 28 Jan          School Development Day 
  • 31 Jan          First Day back for Students
  • 07 Mar          Labour Day - Public Holiday
School & Community

 Uniform Shop
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WAAPA Summer School 2022
Join us on campus at WAAPA in January 2022! This summer WAAPA is offering a range of performing arts courses as part of our school holiday program for secondary school students.

Classes for young people from Year 7 to 12 in Acting, Drama, Screen performance, Jazz and Music Theatre mean there is something for everyone with a passion for the arts. Our wonderful staff cater for all abilities and experience levels.

For information about the many courses on offer please visit or contact Gabrielle Metcalf at or 9370 6775.
Click here to visit the beacon website;
Community News

Peel Youth Service

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Thank you to our Sponsors

We are grateful for the support and encouragement they give to our school community. 

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