“Many never realize they always had the key in their pocket, so they die at the locked door, never reaching deep inside to pull it out.” ― Anthony Liccione

Knowledge Discovery is a key objective for the website as IoT is vast and rapidly changing.  The IoT Forum’s website has a wealth of information. This note is to introduce you to how that information is structured so that you know where to look, and how to search, so that you find it easily. We discussed Knowledge Discovery in our goal video!
You are welcome to add to the IoT Forum’s treasure trove of knowledge, but more on that later…

There are several ways in which we search 

You are browsing through all material on a subject or interest area to just keep up to date. Or You want to discover interesting ideas or news. This can be daunting if there are thousands of items and structure or taxonomy can help. A published taxonomy (a method of classification ) provides a conceptual map to narrow your search.
The Dewey Decimal system in a library houses all human knowledge in 10 Classes ( Buildings) with each having 10  Divisions( Floors) and thousands of sections (racks)  for each Division. A book can be on one and only one shelf. For example, a topic like ‘clothing’ is classed in Wikipedia based on its disciplinary treatment (psychological influence of clothing at 155.95, customs associated with clothing at 391, and fashion design of clothing at 746.92).
IoTForIndia website has the following structure:
Blogs (long form reference material, usually relevant for years.. )
    By Month & Year of publication (eg. Jan 2018)
Topics (short, current news which is more relevant to short term)
   By Groups( General, IoTStack, Startup, Security, Agritech)
      By Forums (News, Discussions, Announcements)
      A topic belongs to a specific Group and then a Forum within that Group
Tags are locators that we provide in addition to a structure for classifying topics. Each topic can be marked with multiple tags like FundMnA_G0, EdgeFog_G7, Industrial_V4 etc. Blogs can also be tagged in multiple categories like Ecosystem, News/Technology or MarketVerticals /Industrial. You will find them as word clouds when you are at a topic or blog page. We use Tags liberally in each Topic. When you read a topic, you will see that at the bottom - on Mobiles (or side on desktops) there is a word cloud of tags. Tags which are used a lot will show in bigger font than those which are used less. When you are creating a topic, you can tag more than one Verticals, horizontal, offering and service, provided they are relevant of course!
We will cover the tag list in future. If you click on a tag or a category you will see a list of topics or blogs in that classification. The animated image below illustrates

A quick on-the-go list of latest items can be seen on your phone at the IoTForIndia channel.

Free Text Search is another tool that you can use if you are not sure where to start looking. You can also search for any text using the search icon on the menu bar. It is worth experimenting to see what is effective. It will search blogs, topics and events too.  It ranks word-matches on Title, followed by word-match in the item. If you search using more than one word, then all those words appearing together get ranked higher than just one of the words. For example, IoT,  and Internet of Things may all be used with varying results. Give it a try…



Each open public Group has a Group Landing page and discussion forums. Ultimately the community will decide what groups and what topics are covered in which Group or Forum but this is our starting assumption
Group Expected Usage
AgrItech  A specific vertical around Rural, Food and Agriculture, Diary and Logistics for these. We hope to evolve to more vertical specific interest group. This covers market and not just IoT startups
General A broad Omnibus Interest group covering Regulation &Standards, Markets & Verticals ( use case, Size, ), News(ecosystem, deals, Technology), Showcase ecosystem players like VC, ESDM Suppliers, Industrial designer.
IoT Stack A place for all things technical around IoT. From conceptual topics around IoT Stack  and actual implementation tools and issues for Application SW Dev( IoT Platform, Middelware) and  HW Development( Microcontrolelrs, PCB, Casing, Antenna) &Manufacturing and sourcing
IoT Security Special Interst around IoT Security
Startup Covering Startup as a business( less the technology and engineering around IoT) Things like strategy ,business models, business development and compliance , News about Startups, Showcase startups.


Each group has three public Forums
  1. Announcements. You can post a short Profile of yourself (if a freelancer or independent consultant)  or your company when you first join the WPSite or Telegram Group and when a significant update is needed. You can post a announcement for any meetup or Event you are hosting. There are 4 expectations for this community service
    1. Minimize Noise. Keep your posting brief and provide a link for more information or call to action.
    2. Do not spam . Posting an event more than twice will get you muted. Posting a self-promotional more then once in 6 months is likely to get you muted
    3. The Announcement should be directly connected to you the member. It is your event, meetup, product or company. We discourage PR folks and marketing folks from bulk and mass postings. We are here to help the IoT ecosystem thrive and are concerned at excessive noise drowning out quality content.
    4. Use the Official Hashtags like #Event, #Company,
  2. News You are encouraged to post links to stuff you read that is topical and relevant to the group. Please keep the following in mind
    1. Post a URL to that item and a short commentary ( 200 words or less if  possible)
    2. For trending news do check the item has not been already posted. If it has add a reply to that item to contribute your Point of View. Search by URL or key words in Telegram
    3. If you have a longer-term Point of View or question you expect to discuss for days and weeks use the Discussion Forum and cross link to the News item. In Telegram you can copy a link to a item and use it as a URL to post a new item. Use #Discussion Hashtag in your post
  3. Discussion This is for longer running and more detailed debate or exploration of any news, trend or issue that is of interest. By separating high volume news and announcements into separate forums we hope to let the community engage in extended debate and resolve issues. We expect the consensus or alternative PoV to be summarized in a blog post , lead to an “official” position paper or advisory by IoTForum. Use #Discussion Hashtag in your post


We have classified by Industry or vertical or sector. Similar classification is used in IoT Start-up Directory
Vertical Description
V1 Consumer House, Apartment, Mobile on person
V7 Wellness
Healthcare, Diagnostics, Clinical, Sport, Quantified Self, Wearable, Ingestible
V2 Commercial
Office, Co-Work, Warehouse, School ,Bank Branch, Data-Centre
V3 Retail  
Shops, Mall, Stadium, Cinema, Disco, petrol station,
V4 Industrial
Factor, Plant, Manufacturing, Off-Shore Oilwell
V5b SmartCity
Smart City, SEZ, Campus, Gated Community, Township.
V5 Safe nation.
V6 AgriTech Village, Farming, Diary, Hydroponics. Agriculture/Food/Livestock/ and specific logistics / transport just for these
V8 Utility Power, Solar, Wind, Waste, Water. Grid, Towers, Right-Of-Way Tracks.
V9 Transport
Mobile Vehicles car, truck etc. Logistics, Fleet. Drones, Robots for carrying, UAV, Cars, Trains, Bikes EV/HV. Rail, Space, Underwater
V10 IoT Services SI and Services for product development and solution implementation. HW ASIC, Semiconductor, Radio, Dev boards, Training, Portal and SW tools for analytics tailored for IoT. Design and manufacturing services.
V11 VMisc
Education, Oil, Mining, Defence, BFSI, Adtech,
Not elsewhere Classified (NEC).

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