Make friends and get work from a  BOT!
BOTs in Telegram (TG) are applications hosted on a server that uses TG bot API to connect to TG (Telegram) messenger clients. Bots can interact, take or give instructions, perform tasks and present the results! Bots connect to users using text messages and custom keyboards.  See list of commands here .
A bot can be anything from a simple conversation app to a powerful search engine, a large multimedia library, a problem-solving machine or anything else you can imagine. A major advantage of TG bots is that they have zero install requirements and run seamlessly on all computer platforms where Telegram Messenger runs - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and all Web Browsers.
Identifying your BOT in a crowd
Bots in Telegram have global unique usernames just like public Channels and Groups.  Our working bot’s name is @Iot4i which is a global name. Incidentally, @IoTForInda is our Channel and our group is @IoTForIndiaGroup.
Type the bot's username into the Search field. All matching results will appear below the Search bar. The animation below may not render well the Inbox. Download and click the .gif file to see the images
Fun fact: You can search for human contacts too using the search bar and initiate conversations with them on TG.
When you open up a group’s message board, check the pinned message at the top to see if the Bots are active. If yes, you are all set!
If the bots are not active, then the pinned message would say ‘Bots are sleeping…”. It is better to let sleeping bots lie!
The first handshake ... Once you find the bot, add it to your list of contacts. How?
Tap the name of the bot you want in the search results. It will open a new chat conversation between you and this bot. Next, tap START bar at the bottom of the conversation. This will add the bot to your account. It is as simple as that!
Once added, you can find your new bot on your chats list and have private, one-2-one conversations with the bot!
Don’t worry, Telegram Bots are limited to only sending or receiving messages. They do not have access to your phone or desktop. For longer conversation like posting an announcement or a challenge it is best you do this from the desktop version of Telegram. This will work even if your phone is not active.
Getting to know each other ... one-2-one 😉 and Starting a conversation
Quick-start using initial bot commands like /start /help and /info. Yes the “/” is necessary for the bot to recognize it as an instruction coming from you. Cute, eh?
Important note: If you use the /news  /product  /company  and other commands inside a group, the Bot’s and your responses are a broadcast and  will be visible to everyone in the group. Not exactly private! Also can be irritating to other users of the group! Wiser to transact with the Bot outside the group. See list of commands at end of this document. [LINK}
Putting the BOT to work ... SUCCESS 😊 😊
Now that you have made friends with the IoTforIndia bot, it is time to get some tasks done. You could, for instance, ask the @Iot4i bot to search for startups in the IoTForum’s directory with the /list command or search for blogs on any topic in the IoT Forum’s online library using /topic command or post a Blog or article or… the list goes on. Let us know if you have suggestions for what more the bot can do, we are looking for ideas to upgrade.
Want to post a news item on Raspberry pi? Start with the /news command. It goes like this…
[The animation below may not render well the Inbox. Download and click the .gif file to see the images ]

You can see the posted item here .
Custom Keyboard:
Also as you will see in the example on /news command BoT will transition to a mode to prompt you with fields for the query or transaction by displaying a custom keyboard. You should reply by pressing one of those buttons. When a value is required like a Date or a SourceURL you may have the standard handset keyboard. Once you provide a value the BoT will give a feedback message with a list of all values it has collected. You should review and re-enter any wrong field. The Done button will finish the conversation and the BoT will be ready for the next command. If you delay by 3 minutes BoT will time out the query/transaction and you can restart…

Note: You send a message to the Telegrams server which then sends it to the BoT. As in WhatsApp tick marks on your message will show status of the message. √ means Telegram has received your message (Response) and √√ means Bot has also received it. The BoT has to process and reply to the server which will pass it to you. The total cycle time may vary between 5 to 15 seconds and in some cases of cellular network may timeout after 2 minutes. No response even after 5 minutes? Repeat the command, no problem. 
You can use Back as a magic word when stuck in a conversation with BoT. It should return you to the base situation.
For posting to Website (some of these are new commands, under testing…) 
/news Smart posting of news. BoT extracts text and images from webpage and creates post
/company to profile your Startup or Consultancy
/product your product "advertisement"
/skill your freelancing skills or consultancy profile
/celebration let us know your achievements 
/event publish a forthcoming IoT event anywhere in the world or webinars
/invite asking applications to a challenge, award, pitching or survey
/post Heavy Duty super set of all previous commands. Gives more fine-grained control. Posts are queued for review by human editors before being published on the website
For search 
/list (for Start-up Directory search) and
/topic (Search events, pitches, award invitations)

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