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Popular Profiles from IoTForIndia Channel

India’s first all-electric heavy-duty 60-tonne truck

3d Usher helps manufacture metal and plastic parts

Battery management: ADI

Sulzer Sense IOT - wireless condition monitoring

first Electrical Vehicle 3.3kW AC Charge-Pile for charging multiple kinds of electrical vehicles: EVA Point

InfluxDB realtime time series DB for IoT Data with Niagra4

Advantages & Limitations of Raspberry Pi Compute Module

Atomberg Technologies Eyes New Product Launches With $10 Mn Series A

Write a good technical specification for an embedded product

Cradelwise wins EPDA 2019 / Children Products / Nursery award

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Popular Celebrations from IoTForIndia Channel

Avanijal in Agriculture and Industry Survey Magazine

Rabobank SustainableAg Asia Challenge 2019 commends AgNext

Farme2ForkIndia co winner Best Start up at Rural Innovators Startup Conclave 2019

Trashcon wins 2019 Impact Makers Award: Xynteo Norway

Agroblock selected as Top Startup at ICC Startup Pad

AWS awards Ubiik

Popular Topics from IoTForIndia Channel

40+ Corporations Working On Autonomous Vehicles

The Air Force Will Let Hackers Try to Hijack an Orbiting Satellite

Google Patent Tracks Athlete Movement Through Connected Clothing

Scania's cabless truck shows what the driverless future of mining looks like

Continuous Measurement: Making Better Beer With IoT

Write a good technical specification for an embedded product

Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Certbot OS software tool sponsored by Sectigo

Simulation of NB-IoT coverage in Kirchheim

WEGoT, water management startup, raises $2 million in seed funding

India Wearables Market Ships Record 3 Million Units in 2Q19, with 124% Annual Gr

Last 4 Blogs from IoTForIndia

Google Knows What You Are Saying With Only 80 MBs

Industrial IoT Summit 2019

Robust build management and Diagnostics features with a focus at the Edge

Scaling Up Industrial IoT Deployments – Challenges, Issues and Solutions

Future Events

ICST 2019 International Confrence on Sensing Technology

#Announcement(General) #Event #Seminar #Organizer : IEEE / NSSN / MacQuarie Uniersity #City : Sydney , Australia #DueDateTime : 30 June 2019 #StartDateTime : 2 Dec 2019 #EndDateTime : 4 Dec 2019

IoT4 Crtical Assets : Europe

#Announcement(Startup) #Event #Seminar [ via IoTGroup ]#City : Munich #StartDateTime : 20 Nov 2019 #Organizer :


#Announcement(General) #Event #Confrence #Organizer : IoTTechExpo #City : Santa Clara , USA #StartDateTime : 13 Nov 2019 #EndDateTime : 14 Nov 2019

One unified event for the power and energy sector

#Announcement(General) #Event #Confrence [ via IoTGroup ]#City : Paris #DueDateTime : 12 Nov 2019 #StartDateTime : 12 Nov 2019 #Organizer : Clarion Events

The WWW/Internet 2019 confrence

#Announcement(Startup) #Event #Confrence [ via IoTGroup ]#City : Cagliari, Italy #Organizer : IADIS/ CrossRef /IET #StartDateTime : 7 Nov 2019 #DueDateTime : 6 Sep 2019

CSAW 2019 India IIT Kanpur

#Announcement(Security) #Event #Hackathon [ via IoTGroup ]#City : Kanpur #DueDateTime : 4 Nov 2019 #StartDateTime : 6 Nov 2019 #Organizer : CSAW NY University / IITK

1st World AgTech Congress

#Announcement(AgriTech) #Event #Confrence [ via IoTGroup ]#City : NCR #StartDateTime : 6 Nov 2019 #Organizer : World AgTech Congress / ICFA

IoT Solutions World Congress : Testbeds

#Announcement(General) #Event #Confrence #Organizer : IoT Solutions World Congress #City : Barcelona , Spain #StartDateTime : 29 Oct 2019 #EndDateTime : 31 Oct 2019

The IOT Solutions World Congress 2019

#Announcement(General) #Event #Confrence #Organizer : IoT Solutions World Congress / Fira Barcelona / Industrial Internet Consortium #City : BARCELONA , Spain #StartDateTime : 29 October 2019 #EndDateTime : 31 October 2019 #Period : Co


#Announcement(IoTStack) #Event #Confrence #Organizer : IEEE #City : Granada, Spain #StartDateTime : 28 OCt 2019 #EndDateTime : 30 Oct 2019 #DueDateTime : 20 June 2019

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