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The TIE IoTForum exists to help educate Indian IoT entrepreneurs, mentors and policy makers on this vast and rapidly evolving technology that is poised to transform all industries.
We have touched 4,500 delegates. 
IoTForum has hosted 40+ events, helped  500+ start ups and  turned 5 years old in Aug 2019!  This email is a welcome from  the new IoTForum V3.0 .
We run monthly events and meetups with IESA  These cater to 30-50 participants on specific topics  like Design ThinkingDesign For Manufacturing etc. or day-long events like AgriTech Day,  IoTDay and Industrial IoT Summit
Our Goal
With the rapid growth of IoT startups from just 120 to more than 1500 in nearly five years, we have adopted the goal of Raising the IoT Quotient of India (YouTube). 
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