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How many IoT Startups are there in Pune or Chennai (or Hyderabad or Ahmedabad)? Where can I get the names of IoT start-ups in Agriculture or Automotive or Industrial Automation?
Where do we go for answers??   No need to hunt a file cabinet!! 🗄  
The IoTForum maintains an active pan India IoT Startup directory which has grown from 120 in 2014 to 1,200+ in 2019. This helps various stakeholders discover relevant IoT startups. The directory is used by policy makers to understand where help is needed, by startups to discover others to partner, journalists to do a deeper dive into a niche and increasingly by HNI and angel funds.

 The 2018 snapshot has much more then just 82 in Pune and 54 in Chennai:

You can see the IoT Startup Directory online here. Of course, you can reach the IoT Directory from the website too!  
Make sure your company or your portfolio company where you have invested, or mentor is listed! To include your Startup in the directory click here. That will also allow the founders to join IoTForum exclusive private IoT4IndiaStartups group.
Using the Online Directory: You can sort the list by any column – Company ID, Company Name, City or URL. The columns shown may vary by the level of user in the website. IoTForum Members will have more capability both in Telegram groups and online at the website! You can search the directory by typing text in the search box. The search is a text search across all columns. Entering ‘50’ will find both the item with CoID of 50 (which is needed when submitting a update request) and other entries where a model number may include the text 50.
Telegram users also have access to the /list command  where the Bot will collate reports based on specific search criteria of market segments(verticals),City, horizontals( technology ) etc. More on this in a separate email coming later …!
We are thankful for the help and collaboration from NASSCOM IoT CoE, IIT Mumbai SINE, IKP EDEN, Revxx, IoTBLR,T-Hub, Forge, Excubator  and others in creating this directory. Please encourage your network to submit entries ASAP at this Link.

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