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Popular Profiles from IoTForIndia Channel

Nokia’s Zero Drive Test solution to help 3 Indonesia boost network capability

Xilinix open source Chips using Python #Announcement(IoTStack)

COVID-19 is taking a toll on mental wellness #News(Startup) #company :

5G Open Innovation Lab backed by corporate giants #News(Startup) #5g : #company

Precision Agriculture and Water Management: GramworkX #Announcement(Startup)

Trusted Objects brings advanced security features to STMicroelectronics’

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Popular Celebrations from IoTForIndia Channel

Popular Topics from IoTForIndia Channel

UN report: Our food system plays a big role in climate crisis #News(General)

Data center giant Equinix discloses ransomware incident #News(Security) [ via

Health monitoring startup Dozee raises ₹ 12.5 crore in funding #News(Startup)

Urban farming startup Infarm reaps $170 million in funding #News(Startup)

Iconikal Rockchip RK3328: A US$10 single-board computer with more power

Fascinating anatomy of decision making #Discuusion(Startup)

IoT in 5G Network – Research by Jayakumar. S PhD – Part 3 #News(IoTStack)

Scientists find 'secret molecule' that allows bacteria to exhale electricity

Venture capitalists have found a new home to brag and debate: PrimeTime VC –

Mahindra-Backed MeraKisan On Helping Farmers Tap India’s Emerging Organic

Last 4 Blogs from IoTForIndia

Application Of IoT In Manufacturing

How Sensors Is Paving the Way for Autonomous Cars

A Data Scientist’s Guide to Open Source Licensing

Hardware is hard but essential

Future Events

The Things Confrence 2021

#Announcement(IoTStack) #Event #Confrence [ via IoTGroup ]#City : Virtual + multiple cities #Organizer : The Things Network #StartDateTime : 25 Jan 2021 #EndDateTime : 29 Jan 2021

Krishi Manthan : IIM Ahemdabad

#Announcement(General) #Event #Meetup [ via IoTGroup ]#Organizer : IIMA #StartDateTime : 26 Dec 2020 #DueDateTime : 10 Dec 2020 #IsTraining : Yes #City : Virtual / Ahemdabad

BATTERY TECH 2020 Exhibition and Conference

#Announcement(Startup) #Event #Confrence [ via IoTGroup ]#StartDateTime : 14 Dec 2020 #Organizer : IQ-hub #City : Hannover, Germany

IoTMatrix 2020

#Announcement(Startup) #Event #Confrence [ via IoTGroup ]#City : Virtual /Bengaluru #StartDateTime : 10 Dec 2020 15:00 #EndDateTime : 11 Dec 2020 20:00 #Organizer : IoTForum / TiE Global / TiE BLR

5G Connected Edge Cloud for Industry 4.0 Transformation

#Announcement(IoTStack) #Event #Webinar [ via IoTGroup ]#City : Virtual #Organizer : Linux Foundation #StartDateTime : 8 Dec 2020 21:30 IST #EndDateTime : 10 Dec 2020

Benjamin Leiding: The Internet of Things (IoT) for

#Announcement(General) #Event #Confrence [ via IoTGroup ]#StartDateTime : 4 December 2020 09:45 CET #City : Göttingen, Germany

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