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Still life painting


I've just come back from Champéry. My plan was to do a painting/hiking tour of the Dents du midi but we had to cancel it on both weekends due to bad weather. It is and will be an exciting project so I look forward to sharing it with you when we eventually get round to it.  On the plus side, it rained so much that I had time to stay indoors and paint this new still life painting (still in progress) inspired by local produce and Autumn fruits.
Going for sale online in the next day two.

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Bite sized history

Peter Paul Rubens

In 1600, aged 23, Rubens set out for Italy, staying eight years, eventually becoming the Court Painter to Vincenzo Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, at whose expense he visited Madrid, where he studied the Titians and Raphaels in the Spanish royal collection. In 1608 upon hearing his mother was terminally ill he returned to Antwerp and stayed, accepting an offer to be the Court painter to the Spanish Governors of the Netherlands.  Rubens completed this particular triptych between 1612 and 1614, commissioned as an altarpiece for the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp, Belgium.  

Interesting fact:
Not long after in 1918 a young prodigy will arrive in the studio known as Van Dyck. We know from references that Rubens refers to him as his most able assistant. What is most impressive is that Van Dyck was just 10yrs old at the time!

Book of the month 

The fascinating journey of a painting

I'm currently listening to 'The last Leonardo'. It tells the story behind the Salvador Mundy painting, recently sold for 450million after previously being thought to be a studio copy and purchased for not much more than £1000. A fascinating story behind the discovery, the ambiguity, the blurry lines between conservation and re-painting, and of course Leonardo's life . But is it real? who knows....

Artist Spotlight

Collectable Bronzes by Elizabeth LaMarche

I first met Sissi whilst attending the Charles Cecil studios in Florence 6 years ago.  We studied together painting portraits, drawing the figure,  immersed in and inspired, by all Florence has to offer. Its a unique experience that can't be imitated.  Sissi also studied sculpture after her time at the school and has gone on to produce some fantastic bronzes which I would like to share with you here today...
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Work in progress!

from Andrew Logan 

Last month I shared the portrait of Andrew Logan in progress, a collaboration between us both.  The painting was taken off its stretcher bars and glued on to wood which allows Andrew to work with glass and mirror in his very well known style.  I'm currently back in Switzerland but Andrew has very kindly sent me a picture from the Studio with the work in progress and some sketches stuck on it which hint to where it might be going next :) 
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