Its a Summer Sizzler!

Like all good publications we have put together a summer special to get you through the next few months. Judging by the weather we have already had in the UK, its looking to be a real belter in July and August. But with the British weather who knows? As it's a bumper issue we have added all sorts of things we hope you enjoy and keep you occupied throughout the rest of the summer.


One of the canceled events we faced over the summer were the Olympics. We will miss all the normal events until next year now. Never fear though as you can have a go at running the 100m in the game QWOP. The game is so called as the Q,W,O, and P keys are the only you need to use. It is harder than it seems as each key controls a different part of the runner's leg. The game works on desktop and mobile so why not see how far you can get up the track before falling over! Trust me anything over 5m is pretty impressive.
How Far Can You Run?

Emoji TV Quiz

Last issue we asked you if you could guess the British TV programmes represented by these emoji. Here are the answers.

1.  🤡🤡🐴🐴 - Only Fools and Horses

2. 🇬🇧🍞🍰🎪 - Great British Bake-Off

3. 🌶️🐷 - Peppa Pig

4. 🗾📁 - Countryfile

5. 🕰️🏺🖼️💷🔴🔵 - Bargain Hunt

We have an emoji quiz every Friday over on our Instagram so if you enjoyed this one make sure you check them out.

Cartoon of the Week

The 101 Ways to Beat an Egg series of comics has reached the end and you can now see all of them in once place on Instagram

Hallowed Turf series is completed!

Over the last couple of years, we have made it our mission to illustrate every football league ground in the English league. You have probably seen quite a few for sale as designs on our site, but there are plenty more where they came from. So if you keep an eye out over the next few weeks you should see many of the old and new stadiums being added to our catalogue as t-shirts and prints. From Plymouth to Carlisle, every team will be represented.

Austin McConnell

Austin is full time Youtuber who has been on the platform for many years now. If you have never seen any of his videos I'd recommend checking them out.  He doesn't stick to one topic, so there should be something for everyone. This is one of the great things about his channel; his videos topics have a lot of variety and interest. Past videos include ones about film posters, surviving a bear attack, and KFC ( I told you they were random!) And because he is an indie film maker you know whatever video he puts out will have a great production value and be incredibly well produced. His videos are well worth a watch over the next few months!
Watch Austin's Channel

Add Some Colour

It's amazing how seeing a picture in black and white automatically takes you back to a time gone by. I'm sure most people have a few black and white photos lying around whether they are of old family members, past holidays or newspaper clippings. Thanks to the wonders of modern computers we can now see what these pictures would have looked like in colour! All you have to do is upload a black and white image to Algorithmia and within seconds you can see the image in all its colourful goodness. Why not give it a go and add some colour to your old photographs.
Add Colour to your Photos

Remember This? Podcast

In the last issue I recommended a podcast series that I thought you might enjoy, and I've got another recommendation this time for you too. Remember This? is a podcast created by husband and wife team Matt and Gemma. The whole podcast revolves around the TV, books, and films that they grew up with as a kid. Every episode takes a look at some of these things to see how well they stand up now with the hosts discussing their feelings on what they've seen. If you watched a lot of  kids TV during the late 90s and 00s there is probably something here for you to enjoy.
Do you Remember?

See you in the Autumn!

I will be taking a break from writing these newsletters over the summer, so I will be back in September to provide you with more fun and games. As always if you have enjoyed these issues why not forward it to a friend? I would love to hear any Youtube channels, podcasts, blog posts, and web games that you would recommend so we can add these to the next issue in the Autumn. Thanks for reading!
Until then,

Jude (Owner and Designer of Apparel of Laughs)
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