Take five with Issue #5!

Thanks for coming back yet again. We hope this issue has a little something for everyone. If not please tell us what sort of thing you would like to see dropping into your inbox. We would love to know! So without further ado we hope you enjoy the fifth issue of the Odds and Ends.

Emoji TV Quiz

Can you name the British TV shows represented by the emojis below?

1.  🤡🤡🐴🐴

2. 🇬🇧🍞🍰🎪

3. 🌶️🐷

4. 🗾📁

5. 🕰️🏺🖼️💷🔴🔵

Email us all the correct answers and we will send you a 10% off voucher code! All answers will be revealed in the next issue.

Kick the Ball Back

A game for the sporty and un-sporty amongst us. The Kick the Ball Back game relives many people's worse nightmares. You must kick a football back to a group of kids in a park. Get it wrong and be met with abuse, get it right and you can get on with your day. Can you kick the ball back without being intimidated by the youths? How many attempts will it take you?
Can you Kick it?

Cartoon of the Week

New Prints Sneak Peak

While we still have a limited catalogue available, we have had to think of new things we can sell on Apparel of Laughs. One thing we have been planning for a long time are fine art prints, and now seems like a perfect time to get them going. We've got a few new designs lined up as well as some of our classic designs all to use as prints. They are not quite ready yet, but we thought we'd give you a sneak peak at one of our favourite new ones.
So keep an eye out as we should be launching our fine art prints very soon!

The Mystery Show Podcast

Over the last few years I've got more and more into podcasts. They are a great way to educate and entertain yourself while working. Many of the podcasts I listen to are radio shows, but I've enjoyed many standalone series too. One of these is the Mystery Show Podcast. It came out in 2015 and only had 6 episodes. The show attempts to solve very random and personal mysteries. In one episode someone tells a story of a video rental shop that went missing, while someone else finds an ornate belt buckle that needs to be returned to its owner. They are fun little stories that will hopefully take you on a journey. Next time you are in need of something interesting to listen to, you can't go far wrong with the Mystery Show.
Listen on Spotify

Until next time

I hope the next fortnight treats you well. As always any correspondence is always welcome. We love to hear from you. Next issue will be slightly different in a good way hopefully. So see you then.
Have a good one,

Jude (Owner and Designer of Apparel of Laughs)
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