#9 Doing Fine!

Good evening and welcome to the 9th Issue of the Odds and Ends. We've compiled a handful of things that we think you should enjoy over the next week. Do let us know what you think by replying!

As Seen on Japanese TV

Believe it or not, our shirts have been featured on Japanese TV. I was contacted by Japan's national broadcaster, NHK, and asked if they could use an image of one of our shirts for a programme. Of course I said yes, and our cream first shirt design was featured in a show all about Western desserts! I wrote a blog all about it which can be read below. Let's just say that since the programme, we have had a lot of new fans from Japan. So hello to you all from the UK 👋
Read All About It

Sand Spiel

In the last issue we recommended a game called Little Alchemy where the aim of the game was to mix different elements to see what happened. Well we have something very similar to recommend, but this time you can be in control of the different elements. How does controlling lava, water, and fire sound? In Sand Spiel you can paint out the different elements to create fun little worlds. The game is all about experimentation to see what works with what and what sort of thing you can create. In just a few minutes I created the Apparel of Laughs logo using water, lava, and plants. It looks pretty safe now, but what would happen if I set everything on fire? Well that's for you to find out. We would love to see the weird and wonderful things you can create.
Watch the World Burn!

Star Letters

Here's another funny story sent into a British comic in the mid 70s!
This story could have ended up a bit differently.

Get Crafty

Quite a few years ago now, I went through a phase of creating fun paper craft, and one of the best sites to use was Cubeecraft. The whole site revolves around "Cubees" based on famous pop culture characters from films, video games, and tv. Each character is a paper craft model that you can make. I think they are a great little bit of craft to do, while you also get something fun at the end to display. You don't need anything special; printed paper and scissors are all you need. Take a look to see what models take your fancy.
A small selection of the available models to make.
Unwind with some Paper Craft

Soccer Sundays

Over the last week we have finally launched a t-shirt of pretty much every football stadium in the league for our Hallowed Turf collection. As we now have most of them represented, we thought it would be a fun idea to come up with something we are calling Soccer Sundays. What will happen is that on every Sunday during the football season we will pick one football team that has performed really well that weekend. To honour the team we will then offer their stadium t-shirt and print at 15% off for the next week. So if you are a football fan keep an eye out on our socials to see if your team have been crowned that Sunday's team of the week.

See you next time!

I hope this issue has something you might enjoy. If not please let us know what sort of thing you would like to see. As always it would be great to hear any recommendations, jokes, riddles, websites, and games you might have. We are always looking for good things to put into our newsletter. I hope you have a good rest of the week.

Have a good one,

Jude (Owner and Designer of Apparel of Laughs)
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