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After a long hiatus over the summer, the Odds and Ends are back. If you have been with us before, hopefully you know what to expect. If this is your first time thanks for subscribing! The Odds and Ends newsletter comes out every fortnight with fun, games, offers, recommendations, and news. So whether this is issue is the first you've read or whether its your seventh, we hope you enjoy it and come back next time.

Pictures Please!

As most of the subscribers to this newsletter have purchased something from our site, it would be great to see you with the product. Whether it's you wearing a t-shirt or hoodie, or enjoying a warm beverage from a mug. We want to see them! Having happy customers images with our products really helps on our site gallery and on our social media.

So if you fancy sending us a picture of yourself (just like Chanelle below) please send them to us at! Everyone who sends us a photo will also get a 10% off voucher for the rest of our shop, so it's definitely worth it!

Window Swap

With a lot of our time being at home recently, this new website lets you take a glimpse into another part of the world. Window Swap allows you to look through someone else's window into the view beyond. In just a few clicks you can be viewing a town centre in France, a balcony view from Germany, or a lush park in India. This site is really worth a look, if only just to get a snapshot of life from others across the globe.
Change Your View!

Star Letters

As you can probably tell from the design of this newsletter, I have a real love of old comics and their stylings. I am a collector of a range of British comics from the 40s up to the present day. I love how they can give us a snapshot of times gone by. One of the best ways to do this is through the letters sent into the comic by it's readers. As a new regular feature I thought it would be a fun idea to pick out some of the funniest reader's letters I've found over the years.
I wonder how her insurance took this?

Kung Fu Chess

Have you ever wondered what chess would be like if you didn't have to wait for your go? Probably not, but if you have this game is certainly for you. Kung Fu Chess allows you to play the popular strategy game in realtime. All the pieces move just like normal chess, but to win you must take the opponent's king. The other major difference is that you can move your pieces whenever you like. Once you have moved a piece it does have a cool down timer, but other than that you can move any piece at any time you fancy. If you are a chess player this game will certainly mess with your head.
Take Down Your Opponent

Odds and Ends Back Issues

I'm conscious that quite a few of this issue's readers have never received our newsletter before, so I have put all the old issues on our website to browse at your leisure. Obviously all competitions and challenges are completed, but the majority of their content should still be there to enjoy. Our newsletter page also is a great place to send people who you think might like to subscribe.
View Our Back Issues

See You Next Time

I hope all of you had a great summer in the time since the last issue. Thank you to all those who have stuck with us over a challenging few months, but now everything is back to normal we can start planning ahead. If you have anything you'd like to contribute to this newsletter please get in touch. Any funny story, product image, joke, recommendation, game, and even website, will always be appreciated.

Have a good one,

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