Great at #8!

Welcome back to the 8th Issue of the Odds and Ends. In this issue we will have more fun and games as well as a way to win some great prizes from our site!

Complete a Challenge to Win!

We hope you enjoy a challenge! We have come up with 12 fun tasks for you to complete with our products. There are plenty of prizes up for grabs by completing them too. Some involve art, others food, and others particular locations. The prizes include vouchers, free mugs, t-shirts, and hoodies. It could really be worth your while taking a look. If you already have one of our products or are thinking about one, take a look at the challenges page to see what you can win!
View the Challenges to see what you can Win!

Little Alchemy

If you are looking for a way to spend your downtime during the winter this game, Little Alchemy, is for you. The aim of the game is simple. You must combine two different objects together to get a new object. For example; two bricks make a wall, fire and water makes steam, and air and lava creates stone. You must work your way up to discovering over 700 different items. It's a great time sink and makes you think how different objects can combine, so it taxes your brain too.
Become an Alchemist!

Star Letters

Here's another funny story sent into a British comic. This time it's from an issue of Whoopee comic from the 70s.
Are we sure this wasn't how Ian Botham got his nickname?

Sorted Food Relays

One of the many delights of Youtube is the sheer quantity of content that you can find. Obviously some content is poor, but other stuff more than makes up for the rubbish. One of the channels I've enjoyed recently is called Sorted Food. They are a group of 5 guys who enjoy cooking. Two of the group are professional chefs, while the other three are enthusiastic amateurs. The highlights on their channel are what they call, Recipe Relays.

The premise is simple in theory. Each member has 10 minutes to cook something to add to the overall meal they are all creating. The hilarity ensues when the cooks steal the show, but have to clean up the mess the others have made. Sometimes they pull it all together with a great meal, while other times they end up with a very odd plate of food. I would recommend these vids even if you have no interest in cooking, as the chemistry and banter between the guys is worth watching alone.
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Emoji Quizzes 

You may remember a few issue's ago we had an emoji quiz based on TV shows. Well, over on our Instagram we have had quite a few more including emoji chocolate bars, drinks, places, and songs. If you fancy taking a look you can find all of these quizzes and more on our Insta page. It will be worth taking a look this Friday (9th Oct) and next Friday (16 Oct) as we will be having a bumper emoji quiz with a prize for the winner.
View Our Instagram Emoji Quizzes

Until Next Issue

I hope this issue has been a fun addition to your week. As always it would be great to hear any recommendations, jokes, riddles, websites, and games you might have. We are always looking for good things to put into our newsletter. I hope you have a good rest of the week.

Have a good one,

Jude (Owner and Designer of Apparel of Laughs)
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