Wow it's the 4th Issue of Odds & Ends!

The issues keep adding up. It only feels like yesterday we created our first issue. That was 8 weeks ago believe it or not.  This time we have some more interesting stuff for you to browse through that we hope you will enjoy.

Congratulations Paul!

In the last issue we set you the challenge of finding the answer to our first puzzle challenge. Thanks to all those who took part, I know it stumped a few of you. We couldn't leave you hanging without the answer so here it is.

If you were to place the keys in numerical order from smallest to largest you would find that some letters appear between the keys that look a tad "fishy". 

From all those who entered the contest, the winner is Paul, who was also one of the first to get the answer correct. Congratulations Paul! We will be in touch about which mug you might like from our new range.

The Mystery of the Hardy Boys' Author

The Hardy Boys are a crime solving duo who have appeared in over 150 kid's mystery books. They are known the world over for entertaining stories. What is isn't as well known is the book's author, Franklin W. Dixon. Who is Franklin? How was he writing into his 80s? Why have I never heard of him? All good questions we will hopefully answer in our new blog post - the Mystery of the Hardy Boys' Author.
Solve the Mystery

Cartoon of the Week

Turn Your Handwriting into a Font

If you fancy using your handwriting in documents or designs you create, look no further than Calligraphr. This site will help turn your handwriting into a usable computer font. You start by printing out a template on a sheet of A4. You then write out all the letters of the alphabet in your own style on the sheet. Then all you have to do is return to the site and either scan the page back in or take a photo on your phone. Once this is done you will be able to download your own typeface that you can use on anything!
Create your own Font

Tim Vine's TVTV

Tim Vine is one of Britain's best loved comedians and is known mainly for his one-liners. He's taken a bit of a different approach with his new video venture TVTV. TVTV, which stands for Tim Vine TeleVisual, is a weekly show with funny gags, sketches, and other mad cap stuff. He adds a new episode every Monday which he hopes will last for an entire year. Every video is only 2 minutes or less so very easy to dip into without feeling locked in. Trust me, if your humour is like mine, once you've seen one you will want to watch a lot more.
Catch Up with TVTV

See you on the flip side!

Hopefully this issue found you well and you are still okay during the lockdown. I hope these fortnightly emails give you a bit of laugh. As always we love to hear from you about anything you think we could feature.
All the best

Jude (Owner and Designer of Apparel of Laughs)
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