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Shouldn't this be fair?  Redistricting

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A special session on redistricting is scheduled for September 20th.  As the the legislative process of redistricting here in Oregon winds down, things are tough, and whether there will be a fair outcome is in question. The legislature only has until September 27th to pass new maps that will shape the course of the next decade in Oregon and nationally.

Redistricting is the process of redrawing political districts based on population changes in the census that takes place every 10 years —  which means it impacts who is advocating for you when it comes to religious freedoms, a healthy economy and jobs, vaccine mandates AND MEDICAL FREEDOM, taxes and spending, freedom in healthcare access and COVID recovery, ending the Governor's dictatorial control, and everything else in between.

Hundreds of Oregonians have shown up and made their voices heard about how they want their communities to be represented with the new maps that must be developed. Right now extreme special interests are politicizing and pressuring the legislature to pass blatantly gerrymandered maps which would mute the voices of freedom loving Oregonians and other communities of interest for the next 10 years.

We hope you see that we can't let this important process be politicized to continue the liberal stranglehold on Oregon politics. That's where you come in—  can we count on you to take two minutes to send your elected official an email urging them to pass fair maps? There's so much on the line with this vote, and the clock is ticking.

Use this link to check out the map proposals— You'll see that the maps submitted by leftist extreme liberals like Our Oregon, and liberal/Democrats who control the Legislature found in Map options A and C, do the most to politicize and corrupt Oregon's future!  While Map B, as submitted by and supported by the Republican Caucus, groups Oregonians in more equitable groupings.  Consider just one point.  Map A has ultra-liberal, non-representative downtown Portland included in four of the six congressional districts!!.  Imagine that city, that had hundreds of days of riots, having so much influence in Oregon's future?
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Click here to send an email to your elected official now

We should all be very engaged in understanding and helping our fellow Christians gain a renewed understanding of what freedoms we have here in Oregon. Our latest efforts in Oregon have been targeted at helping Christians stand in the gap as school board members.  Many people stood up to run and we helped some win by encouraging people to vote.  Are you considering running for office in 2022?  Please email if you are considering!  Will you help us as we seek to stem the gap in getting out the conservative/Judeo-Christian vote in future elections, you can help us with your Tax Credit donation!  Give today (and remember your Political Action Tax Credit - a $ for $ reduction that comes back to you up to $50 per individual)!
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