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319,000 conservatives in the unaffiliated voters

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It is unfortunate that we conservatives and faith voters have not observed and learned from the left about how we might win Oregon!  But here is a note of encouragement that comes from the Oregon Democrat Party.  Back in 2019 they held a discussion about including unaffiliated voters (NAV) in their primary.  I found the story here. In a quote from the article it says. "Documents distributed at the meeting said about a third of NAVs, or 319,000, identify as conservative."   How do they know that?  The liberals here in Oregon play a different game.  Call it direct voter contact.  They know who the voters are.  They have a multi-pronged approach to find out what Oregon voters feel on issues.  That is why they know the political identities of 319,000 unaffiliated voters.  The reality is this, we can play the same game.  The same thing was done back in 2010, identifying 50,000 unaffiliated voters and, then getting them to vote for our candidates.  Guess what?  We won!  Remember in that year the House was tied at 30-30 and the Senate was almost tied at 15-15 (just shy of 300 votes would have tied it) It is all entirely doable again.  So it is this different approach, this machine building that has made Oregon look "blue".  Our side could go back to building our own machine.  

Will you help us implement this approach again (you need to contribute prior to 12/31/2021)?!  Give today (and remember your Political Action Tax Credit - a $ for $ reduction comes back to you up to $50 per individual)!

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