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It’s very hard to know what to say about the recently ended Legislative Session. Many people we know and trusted served hard yet the results are challenging to accept. One of the worst results is the terrible redistricting after the double crossing of Republicans by Speaker Kotek. 

You might be feeling rather down. You might be feeling like we have been cheated due to terrible gerrymandering. Have the Democrats created five congressional seats they can keep? Have they created a bunch of house and senate seats they can have? Thus ensuring they will have perpetual control of the state? They may have accomplished all of this. Especially if we conservative/Judeo-Christian oriented people continue with what we’ve always done in the past.

But the reality is this, 65% of the people in Oregon are not Democrats (Click here to see the percentages).  The largest percentage of voters, some 40% of them are Unaffiliated voters. These voters, when they register to vote, will not affiliate with any party.  This means we really don’t know anything about what they believe or what might make them want to vote and on what issues. Also, did you know that 20% of our population isn’t even registered to vote! And among the 20% that are not even registered to vote there are homeowners and business owners who really should care about voting. What can we do with this information? Projects to help identify the unaffiliated voters, changing them from an enigma into somebody we can rely upon for a good vote for change can be pursued (this was done in the past and it worked).  Surveys show that probably over 60% of the unaffiliated voters are more conservative than liberal.  That’s what happened in 2010 when there were big and surprising conservative wins in state legislative races. And what about projects to identify those who are NOT registered to vote and getting them to register and vote with a more conservative outcome. If you would like to help us work for change by working on projects related to these two topics join us!

Please join us in transforming the Oregon political landscape today. Give $10.00 today (about a cup of coffee and a donut)!

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