Hello Master <<First Name>>,
Not that hatred and violence is new,
but apparently now in the quiet, it stands out very loudly.
Once again, the global health situation is encouraging surfacing,
and forcing us to face and confront and take care
of things that we skillfully have been ignoring
and sweeping under the hustle-and-bustle carpet.

Pandemic may intensify the impulses,
however now, in the much slower pace,
we are also more available to pay attention.

To reflect, feel, participate, express,
to prioritize examination, ideology and values.
Black lives matter.

This should stay the heart of the current demand for egalitarianism and change.
If we generalize, we miss the point;
We don't address the problem.
Nevertheless, the reason it touches so many,
is that sadly, almost everyone can find themselves,
somewhere in this world,
in one or more threatened groups.
As a society and culture we trained ourselves

into superiority, control, conquest, and the using of power
against others who can be considered weak,
many times just because they come in peace.

Women lives matter.
Gays lives matter.
Children lives matter.
Syrian, Sudanese, Indigenous, Jewish, Palestinian, Pakistani, Tibetan lives matter.
Innocent individuals walking on the street and getting stabbed or shot lives matter.
This is a wake up call for all of us,
we are being shaken so as to see
the global social toxic venom.

As the external reality is only a reflection of the internal one,

then again, the big mirror of the world
sends each of us back inside
to take a deep look into our own toxic venom
and what future and what culture
we raise ourselves and our kids into.
It shows xenophobia, hatred of different, resentment of foreign,
prejudice and presumption,
dump of anger and frustration
on those who are perceived not matter to anyone if they get hurt,

while not being strong and brave enough
to face and deal
with our own fears and inner shadows,
or to take on our own greatness and glamour.  

It shows judgement through criteria
that make many embarrassed and scared to be themselves.

Peace starts with me,

Xenophobia and hatred start with me.

When we constantly resent and are mad at ourself, bit us up,
constantly practice self judgement, self criticism, putting down, humiliation, smallening,
this is what is being vibrated outside, making the impact.

What kind of society can we build out of this?
And what do we teach our children about self acceptance, self respect?
Our lives matter.
If we suppress our own superpowers and weaknesses,
how can we spread love and compassion to others?

Most demonstrations are peaceful – and still, how hard, almost impossible, it is, to trust and be vulnerable. And how quickly we draw the defensive walls, close ourselves up.
While going outside to protest and speak out,

it’s also our sacred obligation,
as Influencers of our immediate surrounding, of our community, of our own self,
to go inside,
and bravely and honestly realize the mirrors.
Then, to just stick with Mahatma Gandhi’s guidance:
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”,
and clean up our own self abuse and bully,
allow us to soulfully shine out.

To inspire by creating ripples, so that others can do the same,

we have to courageously agree to turn on the inner light,
and embrace, include and unite with all our parts as they are.
We have to agree to be open and vulnerable.
To commit to self integration and compassion,
to softness and creation,
while dropping sabotage, destruction and division.
We have to make sure that while demanding harmony and peace,
we still come from unconditional connection and love,
and not widen the separation and invite more suffering
with our interpretation of ‘justice’.

Otherwise, we’ll meet the same reflection outside over and over again -  
while we are, actually, all one.
Keep taking a good care,

Sending love and health,
See you,

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