Hello wonderful <<First Name>>,
Have you been practicing spirituality for a good while –
meditation, positive thinking, breathing exercise,

in order to achieve inner peace and relaxation,

but still experience these uncomfortable, restless, irritating feelings?

We are much more powerful than we think.

Very often we only engage our conscious mind, which is only 3% of the whole,
While our real functioning, reality manifestation and emotional state are mostly created by the other 97% - the unconscious mind.

Which means that if we like to make a real change in our feeling, environment and life,
we have to dive a little bit deeper.

Here are 10 ways to work with your so influential, yet hidden, part of the mind:
1. Connect with and take care of your inner child

This is probably the most important step.

We can call it mind, ego, comfort zone, fight & Flight mechanism, inner child... ...
they are all the same -

our inner protective operating system, developed during very early childhood,
and replaces the original carefree operating system - the soul,
so that our survival is ensured.

How does a survival mechanism work?

It doesn't take risks.
It will figure out the worst case,
and would take the necessary steps
to prevent its occurrence, and stay away of the potential danger,
at any cost.

we will speak more about this on the next emails,

and explore how, by taking a good care of worries, anxiety, overwhelming, panic,
and making peace with fears and hurts,
we can deeply relax,
and build a calm, stable, reliable inner core.
2. Get informed, not overloaded

Need to get updated? - Social media and news can sometimes be a great resource.
Find your trusted ones,
and maybe check if setting reminders for 2-3 times a day, and a timer for 20 minutes, work for you.

Need to get stressed and anxious? - Just keep wondering around, unintentionally, for hours.
Need a hint?
-  When it's starting to loop, it may be the right time to switch for another fruitful activity.
3. Make your day pleasurable

Getting bored or planning an endless to-do list,
is a great recipe for energy drainage.

plan and incorporate loved activities and nice moments into your day.

4. Shake out unnecessary stress chemicals

Just like animals after a fight or a flight,
we too can benefit a lot from a simple physical flush out of stress hormones.

run, jump, dance, shake yourself

or how about being a child again?
and making these funny noises
when air is blew out through closed lips, with or without sticking out the tongue?
I was astonished to find that there are names for these things!
"Blowing a raspberry, strawberry or making a Bronx cheer" (Wikipedia).

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you let go.
5. Make it joyful

Playing fun games with your loved ones
is a great way to increase the release of both oxytocin and dopamine hormones,
and maintain a good cheerful mood.

Forget about winning... Just play!
6. Surround yourself with inspiration

What inspires you?
People? Art? Nature? Walking around the city, like me?

Inspiration stimulates contentment, imagination, intuition, creation,
and so many other wonderful things.

Make sure you have a lot of this.
7. Reach to the stars

Invention, innovation, renewal, distilled ideas, open mind,
are all associated with the hopeful Star tarot card.

Keep creating is one of the best ways to stay young and motivated forever.

8. Stay in awe and gratitude

Everything can be spectacular, it's just a matter of a point of view.

If we just drop judgement and expectations,
and acknowledge and appreciate everything we DO have and surrounded by,

Remembering that every organism in nature, including humans,
does the best available to it at any given moment,

Then we can become one with existence.
9. Indulge yourself

Take a really good self care.
Eat well, sleep well, exercise, journal, have a nice morning and evening routines,
read and breath,
respect and love yourself.
You are the center of your own world,
and everything starts with you.
10. Reveal the treasures

And finally, ask, open and curious:

What opportunities are opening up for me now?

Take a good care!

Sending love and health,
See you,

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