Hello Master <<First Name>>,
How are you doing these weeks, with the first steps of reopening?

Does it feel different from the days just before that?

This is a great time to review and reflect on quarantine time,
as long as the experience is fresh,
and to make some notes to yourself:
~ What was my main learning from this time?

~ What gifts did quarantine bring to me?

~ What did I learn about myself?

~ How am I going to maintain, implement or work with my learnings?

I would love to hear your realizations and insights,
and if you like, to also send back my two cents -
reply this email to share with me.

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On our journey into free self love,

We explored last time the source of our negative self talk;

Were you able to identify at least three positive loving ways
you use to direct and motivate yourself?
We saw that love is a journey,
a profound, stable creation,
that is built with time and experience.

Let's join Erich Fromm now,
and delineate together the path into the sweet wholeness of self love
by following his four components of this real, committed, deep connection. 
1. Responsibility
The first step, is to step up
and make a decision to take responsibility for my life.

It means that from now on, I acknowledge that my life is in my hands,
and I’m the one in charge of who and what I am, at every here and now.

I embrace myself as I am,

I omit all complains, blame, shame, guilt,
and bring in a mindful engaged learning journey,
in which I make decisions, follow through, stay present, monitor outcomes,
reflect, learn, and move forward.

2. Respect
Next is to become respectful and loyal to myself.

Before even knowing much,
I stay on my side and advocate for myself, calm and centered,
just because it’s me.

I accept that I’m the one who I’m going to spend the rest of my life with,
therefore I give up self resentment and biting up,
and adopt openness, curiosity and a real interest
in getting to know who I really am and my authenticity.

I now ask myself before making any choices and decisions,
listen carefully to my different inner voices,
make space for my intuition and my clean, wise guidance,
and follow the yes to myself.

I become more and more trustworthy to myself,
as I keep my word to me.
3. Care
I relax into me being the center of my own world,
and start to treat myself exactly the way I want others to treat me,
as I realize I’m the first person of my life.

I kindly and willingly make sure
that all my physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual needs
are fulfilled and nourished,

and delightfully provide for myself.

I check in on myself constantly
to make sure I’m comfortable, well, satisfied and aligned,

and create opportunities for pleasure, rest and recreation.
4. Knowledge
I invest in getting to know myself in depth.

I explore all my physical and non-physical fragments, parts, aspects and angles,
and become familiar with my inner skilful team.

I pay a lot of attention, turn on the inner light,
and reveal and get to know the hidden mechanisms and the patterns
that make me behave and react the way I do.

I discover and appreciate my gifts and superpowers,
realize my fundamental values and the source of my strength,
value my capability and compatibility,

and become an independent master and leader of my own life.

As I go,

I aspire to make my life effortless and enjoyable,
and seek lightness, flow, contentment and fulfillment.

I’m committed to my growth, crystallization and actualization,

and compassionately keep unraveling my darkness,
by meeting, shedding and shifting the false stories, limits, obstacles and blockages
created through past fear and turmoil.

I become my own best friend,
my most beloved, sweet, beautiful soulmate.
Keep taking a good care,

Sending love and health,
See you,

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What else can I do for you?

I would love to hear how you're doing?
and how can I better serve you through this time?
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