Hello Master <<First Name>>,
You are multidimensional.

Reality is multidimensional.

You happen multidimensionally;
It’s only here, on earth,
where things are material and linear,
and there are time and space conditions,
that a choice needs to be made.
And only one aspect can be manifested in every given time.

But energy has no limits;

For energy, there is only constant here and now.

Everything exists simultaneously,
and it’s always possible to switch for another path
once you know how
and learn to trust it.

That’s how you can get messages from parallel self versions,
and every choice is good – it's happening anyway,
the choice is only a question of which one of the angles
you manifest in this current time and space,
linearly and materially.

The more you understand that, the more you expand

allow yourself to be in more places at the same time
connect in more ways – to yourself, to your versions,
to others,
to the universe, the infinite, the whole.

You understand that there is no separation,
there has never been - and would never be.

And feelings of loneliness, misery, exclusion,
are stories, conclusions,
that were created
before you knew that you’re multidimensional.
This is, actually, everything I had channeled;

But then, I think -
how can I just leave you like that?!
Without any practical tool?

So, here are some examples to how to open up to your multidimesionallity.
Take it effortlessly and enjoyably,
with a lot of curiosity, playfulness and lightness -
getting expanded is all about relaxation, awe, gratitude and adventure:
  1. Open you senses: Start to perceive the world through even more sensuality and sensitivity. Be present, let more sights, flavors, aromas, sounds and feelings come in and deepen your life experience.
  2. Look for the new and the beyond: Things, changes, understandings and angles - outside on the street, and inside in your head. Let your third eye bring in visions. Hear your inner voice and intuition.
  3. Explore more ways of connection and being: With yourself, your environment, with others. Make friends with items, emotions. Pay attention to vibrations. It's all alive and in motion; Join the flow.
  4. Make more space for your night dreams: Be more involved while you're dreaming, write dreams down once you wake up. Journal, realize symbols and messages. Working with dreams is actually absolutely amazing; We should definitely speak about that sometime soon.
  5. Communicate more and often with your past, parallel and future versions: You can just go quiet, relax and talk to them, ask questions; Or, here is the Future Self work we did here before, you can just use it as a template for communication with any other version. Maybe sometimes without the final merging - but for understanding and expansion: Time Folding - Fly Forward With Your Future Self

I would love to hear your experience - hit 'Reply' and tell me how is it going?
Keep taking a good care,

Sending love and health,
See you,

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