Hello Master <<First Name>>,
How are you feeling, so far?

Mastering our life has so many aspects.
Let's look together into two of them.

Here is one:

- Have you already found your new routine, some stability?

- Do you take time for self care, for creativity, for a real relaxed rest?

I know that some of you are very busy - with work, kids, looking after others...
Please, make sure you still nurture yourself, so that you can give from abundance.
This is the only way to a win-win...
To be able to keep giving.
With the second one,
we are going to dive into one of the most important keys of self mastery and inner freedom.

It goes back to the uncertainty, the anxiety, the frustration...
And to taking care of our scared, almost terrified, Inner child.

Which is, if we want to honestly put things on the table,
a kind way to say that:
Most of our emotional system is actually unconscious,
and, of a 5 years old kid

You see, our inner child is a child, and as such, they are on one hand open, innocent, curious, playful,
and on the other hand - vulnerable and dependent,
and can easily go to being terrified and scared, feeling totally exposed and not protected.

Where in our life do we meet the inner child?

Every time we react, feel or behave as if with no reason, somehow out of nowhere.

It could be happy and loving,
or anxious, frustrated, angry, pleasing, hiding...
And if we then start to justify, rationalize, blame -
it's because as a systematic strategy, we are trained not to connect with the child inside, with the feeling body,
but instead to stay in the adult logical head -
and as a result, with the conflict.

Because connecting with the inner child, is to connect with our emotional world.
Including everything... The joy, and the pain.

What does a child need?

The inner child is triggered and jumps every time they feel threatened -
and out of control, therefore vulnerable and exposed to harm.

We will speak about how all this system was developed on another time.

Today, let's see:
What does a child need?
They need to feel safe, protected.
They feel this way when they feel  accepted, understood, cared for.

It's very clear when we look at Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs:


Because behind every reaction
there is always a feeling of lack of control, of being powerless.
And this feeling wakes up the protective system, the survival Fight and Flight mechanism,
and evokes a strong action -
to get away of the risk and avoid suffering -
which can, even if only theoretically, lead to no survival -
to death.

The blessing in becoming our own inner parents

At this point, if we, as aware, conscious, grown up, independent individuals,
can - compassionately and lovingly - take care of the situation,
softly parent our inner scared child,
without judgement or criticism -
that we ourselves may have met in childhood, while expressing our feelings and emotions -
then, this will be our real triumph.

Under the feeling of being powerless,
there is an existential fear - of the worst.
It's already there, and we always try to avoid it,
leaving that little horrified child to face it by themselves,
while we busy ourselves with distractions, addictions and ignorance.

But growth and healing can only come from brave, honest open eyes,
and from taking a full responsibility.

This worst, is what we now want to acknowledge, embrace, accept and sit with.
To let it just be.
Without running away.
It is there anyway,
only now it's conscious. In the light. Taken care of.

Welcome the feelings, feel them, sink into them, let them be and let yourself be them. surrender.

After a while, you may realize how they slowly become lighter, dissipate,
until nothing is left.
It's only chemicals... If you don't fight them, they won't fight back. 

And you feel the nothing. Keep sitting there, in the nothing.
Relax into it, accept everything that is coming up.
Maybe calmness, peace, contentment? Relief? Liberation?

And look, here is your inner enlightened child,
feeling grateful for being together,
again open, innocent, curious, playful.
Keep taking a good care,

Sending love and health,
See you,

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