Hello Master <<First Name>>,
Happy independence days,
What do we celebrate in independence days?

More than a birthday,
it sounds to me like a coming-of-age ceremony.
In other words: Responsibility and accountability.
Which can take us to look at its other side –
and specifically, dependence from a conscious, and many times unconscious,

The choice to be soaked with the illusion of joyful convenience and cozy comfort,
while ignoring and denying
being bound, and limited.

But what is the real choice that is made here?  -
It's to cling to the fear of our own bright light;
Of being big, omnipotent and free.
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Incidentally or not,

earlier this week I participated in a profound, honest discussion
on one of the self empowerment Whatsapp groups I’m part of.
The topic: Mindful changing of eating and fitness habits.

It's translated from Hebrew,
and I of course changed the names:

Eve: Yesterday I told my husband and myself
that I should restore my body, and start exercising.
Even if it’s not fun…
The fun will be being energized afterwards.
Tammy: That’s interesting.
I, personally, can’t make it through changes
if I don’t consider the way fun.
It’s almost impossible for me to give up on a sweet chocolate with my coffee,
because it means to omit a here and now pleasure.
Although I know it’s bad for my weight.
However thinking of having a nice figure, is not enough for me to give up on that.

(How about you? Can you identify with that?)
Eva: Think of the skinny healthy woman you’d like to be,
how important it is to you.
A strong will power is needed,
and to hold this image in front of your eyes.
(May something like that work for you, and help? How about a vision board?)

Inbal [no name changing, it’s me (-: ] :

I can suggest that in my eyes,
the joy in this journey is the joy of exploration.

To know myself in depth, to understand my inner mechanisms,
how and why I function, what composes my core and moves me.

It gives me the gift of real liberation and independence,
beyond the self love - that stems from a deep intimate self knowledge -
that gives me the ability to understand myself,
therefore to trust myself.
And the chocolate,

I’m asking myself:
What is actually so important to me in that sweet?
And answering me:
It’s comforting, relaxing,
a moment of pleasure and rest in the middle of the busy day.
A moment for myself, dedicated exclusively to me.

And understanding that these feelings are coming from inside of me.
And the chocolate is only an external trigger for them.

So I’m checking,
what prevents me from connecting with these internal feelings,
causes me to look for an external stimulation?
Where do they live inside of me? 
Which beliefs and thoughts prevent me from feeling joy and pleasure in every moment,
and from taking short breaks for myself,
independently of any external factor?

And so I’m going on and on,
until I fuse and become one with the internal feelings and possibilities,
with the inner sweetness and calmness
that the external chocolate evokes – but doesn’t create,
and here I became a bit more free and independent
to be myself in full.

And this is what for me, personally,
is the most fun and exciting about this life journey.
Keep taking a good care,

Sending love and health,
See you,

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