Hello Master <<First Name>>,
Many of us just celebrated Mother’s Day on the last weekend,
to thank and appreciate our moms being our moms -
which probably wasn’t always that easy  
- nor for us being their children, though -
but be them whoever they are,
they will always be the ones who gave birth and life to us.
As master of our life,
we should already be able to add:
The moms we ourself attracted and magnetized
to be our brightest mirrors in this lifetime.

The moms we initiated into ushering and spuring
our current round of personal learning, healing and growth. 
We will speak a lot about mirrors and reflections,

and the tremendous growth they offer.
But today, let’s go back to self love
which we started to explore last time,
ending up with inner freedom as a prerequisite.
Last weekend’s celebration can definitely serve
as a good opportunity and reminder for us
to turn in,
and carefully look into
our own motherhood to ourself.

Care, Responsibility, Respect and Acknowledgement

are the four elements defined by the psychoanalyst and social philosopher Erich Fromm,
in his book The Art of Loving,
as involved in a deep, committed love.

Going back to self love,
these elements may shed light
on the love we have always been longing for,
but very often weren’t sure how to tap into.

Self love.

Sounds so powerful, soft, whole, peaceful
and at the same time so abstract, unreachable, forever yearned for.

Self love is to be my own best friend,
the woman, the man, of my life.
My trusted, accepted, loyal chosen one.
This is the base to healthy communication, healthy relationships,
to presence and success.

To begin with, we should remember

that love is not a jump;
Love is a journey.
We can fall in love, even at first sight,
but even this strong initial bond, needs to become sustainable, ripe,
needs to get fortified and mature,
before it becomes – love.
And keeps deepening more and more with time and experience.

Self love doesn't come in one day,
certainly not while we're so used to criticize, judge, bit up ourself –
habits that were adopted many many years ago,
in early childhood,
when our system made the shift
from original creativity into full survival mode.

Being vulnerable and dependent,

the protective ego used these learned practices  
to constantly put our soul’s wants and passions down,
and make us stick with the external expectations,
to ensure our acceptability and us being approved,
taken care of,
and loved.
… Or,
conditionally loved.
Often times, we learned that we need to work, accommodate, compromise, for love,
and that love can take many forms –
some of them are aggressive, offensive, lessening,
and somehow, back there, they still considered ‘love’.
And that self love is actually selfish, hurting others.
But not knowing otherwise,
we just trusted, and accepted, and believed this is how it should be.

Without knowing that love is compassionate, acceptive,

stable, connected.

That love is unconditional, ultimate.
That its essence doesn't change.

That love comes from inner freedom,
from that natural, calm, energetic, curious space
where no expectations, towards ourself or towards others,
are imposed and force into a certain, dictated path.
From a place where the divine soul leads the way.

Grown up and independent,

we are invited now to liberate ourself back into self love.  
We can follow Erich Fromm to draw the course
that will, step by step, guide us into creating and building
our loving and caring emotional core,
our inner mother,
that will support and nurture us at any time.
Look for the next email,
where we’ll go through this 4 steps path in details.
In the meantime, you may want to start your exploration

by looking into negative and positive self talk.

Start with those self comments that criticize, judge, put down, make small,
limit and hold back your intentions, actions and actualization
and see if you can find out:
How did this negative self talk
serve and support your acceptability and validation,
and ensured your safety and belonging?

And looking further,
would you be able to realize, and empower,
at least three positive loving ways
you use to direct and motivate yourself?

Keep taking a good care,

Sending love and health,
See you,

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