Hello Master <<First Name>>,
Couldn't find your watch in the morning,
so you were late to the most important meeting of the year?

You’re downstairs, waiting for a text with the apartment number where your best friend’s birthday party is, and your phone is dying on you?
No one is listening to you recently?

Your partner's ex keeps calling them pushing to give it another chance?

A mystery pain shows up in your elbow every time you plan to clean the house?

Let’s, finally, talk about mirrors.

Finally, because I know that I’ve mentioned it here and there before,
saying that we should refer to it on one of our next emails.
To be honest, I never know how to start the talk about it…
The concept is so foreign to many people,
suggesting a full responsibility for everything that happens in our life.
Well, so – let’s just take a full responsibility, and master our life - right? You ready?

We are used to respond, or react, to our environment

and be active in the world and towards the world –
through actions, or feelings, or both.
But if we say, and remember, that everything is inside -
all our perception, understanding, experience, interpretation -   
that none of those is external,
that there is nothing outside -
then, whom and what are we acting towards
when we are acting outwards?
Is there anyone, anything, out there at all?
Adding to that, that everything is energy.
Therefore, electromagnetically charged.
Meaning, everything - including us, every feeling, every thought -
is a big or a tiny magnet
which attracts or repels anything else.

This makes the entire existence
a huge connected and related one unit.

And then, for anything that is in our field,
who pulled it in there?

Everything in the universe, including you,

constantly sends and receives electromagnetic waves.
When we speak about The Law of Attraction,
this is exactly what it means.

The major part of this dynamic is totally unconscious;
Actually, only about 3% of the human mind is conscious, meaning –
can consciously use intention and choice.
Everything else, although being very organized and structured,
is out of our immediate awareness.
Yes, it’s 97% of influence, that you don’t even know that you generate.
You can probably already imagine,
that it includes also hidden limiting believes, fear, restrictions,
survival complex mechanisms, and so much more.


Your reality is being arranged around you

according to all those frequencies and vibrations.
However, usually, we are not aware of this fact,
so when things don’t work the way we want,
we try to fix them outside.
And get frustrated when it doesn’t work.
But, what do you really see out there?
- You see what is projected from you,
and becomes your precise reflection, mirror, echo.
And the only way to fix it,
is to take care of, and change, what you vibrate.
To create your desired impact, from inside.

Great news, isn’t it?

Yes, I know that it sounds like a lot of work.
And maybe even also unfair –
Why should I do the whole job by myself? What about the other side?
You’re right, and you know what?
The truth is,
that you don’t have to wait for any other side.
Since everything is in your hands,
you are totally free, independent, have the power
to balance your reality into such a harmony
where things flow best with you, and you flow fulfilled with the things.
Where you feel and live stable, content, peaceful and creative. 

Next time, while we delve more into the How To,

we will see how these reflections
are your greatest and most accurate helpers and guides

to seeing clearly where you are standing,
what works perfectly for you and what doesn’t,
and to easily figuring out the right steps,
that will take you exactly to where you want to be.

In the meantime, you can start

by looking around you, and asking yourself:
‘How, and why, did I attract this into my field, into my reality?’

And you know what?
- Maybe don't even try to figure it out.
Just make the question, stay open and curious, and let the answer come.
You may be surprised.
Keep taking a good care,

Sending love and health,
See you,

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