From the Wilds of Jean Lee's World: November 2018 Edition

Thank you all so much for downloading Fallen Princeborn: Stolen!

I still can't believe Halloween has come and gone. The greatest treat in all my years: seeing my debut novel hit #10 in Young Adult Horror New Releases! You humble me, readers. With all my heart, I thank you for finding my story and bringing it home with you. It'd be lovely to hear your thoughts on Charlotte and the world of River Vine on my Goodreads and Amazon Author pages, for it's your reviews that help other readers discover what's beyond the Wall.

The Short Fiction Collection Tales of the River Vine Is Complete...For Now. Dunh dunh DUNH!

"Tattered Rhapsody," the sixth of my short stories, details a moment of heroine Charlotte's life in North Dakota. It is the last short story I'll be releasing in 2018, and at this point it is the only story without any overt fantasy elements. "Tattered Rhapsody" is...a tough story. We've all seen the Hopeless Girl in school, half-dead inside and out. This is the story of how hope sparked anew in that girl's soul before all goes awry on a bus into Wisconsin.

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October Highlights from Jean Lee's World

+ Discovering the composer of one of my favorite dramatic tracks from my college's theatrical production of Medea
+ Interviewing Historical Smexy Romance Author Shehanne Moore on character depth, research, and beginning her own small press
+ Studying the beautiful and terrifying world of Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes
+ Considering character motivation, and the passions hidden behind a character's tough exterior

Because it matters to #sharethelove!

My deepest thanks to all fellow writers and readers who have been sharing my stories and thoughts on craft. No matter how much I beat myself up for not writing enough, reading enough, living enough, you step up and share my words and make every struggle matter. Folks, these are writers well worth sharing, reading, and befriending, I promise you.

Historical Smexy Romance Writer Shehanne Moore

Family Drama & Mystery Writer James Cudney

Short Fiction Writer Cath Humphris

Short Fiction Writer Sally Cronin

Young Adult Fantasy Writer Laurel Wanrow

Poet & Photographer Sue Vincent

Fantasy Writer Michael Dellert

Read on, share on, and write on, my friends!

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