From the Wilds of Jean Lee's World: August 2019 Edition

There's a Story Out There Yonder!
I'm so excited that my novella, Night's Tooth, is just about ready for publication. So long as m'kiddos don't drive me insane, I'll be able to get everything situated for the story to be available before August ends. And check out this cover! Eeeeeee, it gets me so stoked to share this story with you!
To unlock the story:
1. Go to
2. Click on Free Exclusive Fiction from the Wilds.
3. Click on the story title and type in the password: fictionfoundaugust2019
4. Read away!
If you have a minute, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'm contemplating more Tales of the River Vine to be set in time periods like the Wild West, so the more reader input, the better!
What about the kiddos?
Welp, they officially finished summer school last week. Now they're home all day, every day, until school starts.
I think we'll survive each other. :) 
Okay, seriously, we'll be all right (hopefully). I'm keen to create a sort of daily schedule for Biff, Bash, and Blondie to help them keep the school day mindset--not because I'm evil, but so the boys don't regress. If they regress, then they are going to be HORRIBLE during the opening weeks of 1st grade and learning a new routine. If we have a routine now, then changing to a new routine won't be nearly so difficult as going from no routine to aaaaaaaall routine.
In the meantime, I posted a link after the photos so you can scope out the creative stuff the kids have been up to, including Blondie's awesome photography!
Click here for a summer showcase of photography and kid creativity!

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This past month I interviewed two very unique and awesome folks: Australian poet Frank Prem and Druid Canadian JD Stanley. It was a pleasure and an honor talking with these men about their reading, writing, and everyday lives. Click their names to check out our kickin' interviews!

Updates on the Fallen Princeborn Omnibus

Gotta admit--it's been a little weird preparing a western for publication while I'm brainstorming YA horror, but bloody fun, too, especially as Bo's such a horror fiend. He's rarely involved with my writing process, so to hear his input on kill counts and other slasher elements is pretty cool!
No no, I'm not totally departing from my home genre of fantasy. Like Night's Tooth, these horror stories are blended with fantasy, too, and also taking place in the Fallen Princeborn universe. One of the stories involves some odd Wisconsin history, while another delves into Napoleon's invasion of Spain...


Gotta admit, that sounds weird out of context. All will be explained in time, I promise!

Anyway, I still hope to re-publish Tales of the River Vine and publish Chosen in the next twelve months. It's just pretty damn obvious that I'm not getting anything but Night's Tooth completed with the kids still home. Thank goodness for self-publishing flexibility! 

Oh! And I got a new reader review for Fallen Princeborn: Stolen on Amazon this past month!
Haven't read Fallen Princeborn: Stolen yet?
Seriously, each and every review makes all the difference for indie authors like me!
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