From the Wilds of Jean Lee's World: November 2019 Edition

You read that right.
I'm going to attempt National Novel Writing Month yet again, but this time, on my own terms. If I can write 500 words a day throughout November, I can make serious headway on a novella I've been brainstorming all summer.

It was 8:30 at night, and Grandmother still wasn’t dead.

Chloe tapped her box of Winston cigarettes against her nyloned knees, cold and impatient. Sitting at the top of the stairs hurt made her ass hurt, but the stairs started near Grandmother’s room, where Mom sat with the others. Chloe did not want to be too far from Mom, not when she sat so still and quiet in a room where Death was due to arrive at any time. 

Chloe redid her headband to keep her black hair out of her eyes, and then leaned backwards to peer through the doorway again.

Nothing had changed. A heavy, ornate lamp sat on the bedside table with a thin orange shroud draped over its shade to dim the light. The bed stood high with wooden globes for feet, globes carved into precarious connections along the frame and headboard. The blankets on the bed looked like cast-off ball gowns, all bright colors in expensive fabric stitched with gold. Gold was everywhere in that room. No shroud could hinder the light from finding the gilded edges of crucifixes, mirrors, chairs, fireplace. Old family portraits of white people sitting stiffly cover walls papered in some sort of leafy green paper. The paper is cracked and peeling in places, just like Grandmother.

A portrait taken of this generation would be very, very different.


This year, my NaNoWriMo project will be a novella I'm writing bit by bit, day by day, throughout the month of November, on my site Jean Lee's World. That's right: a MONTH of free fiction. Woo hoo!

What Happened When Grandmother Failed to Die is set in the Fallen Princeborn universe. It stars an estranged family called back to the matriarch for one last meeting in the cold dark of the North Woods, one last chance to break a curse that's plagued her bloodline for two hundred years. And Death will indeed visit the Crow's Nest tonight, but for reasons entirely his own... 

The cast of features faces old and new to you, including Sumac from Night's Tooth. I just couldn't walk away from him yet, not when he was such fun to write in the heyday of the 1800s.

Speaking of, I got another sweet review on Night's Tooth on Amazon. You guys are so awesome!

In the Mississippi River Valley, during the latter part of the nineteenth century, bounty hunter Sumac seeks shadowy bandit, Night’s Tooth. However, though gifted with magical powers, Sumac isn’t the only one tracking the mysterious outlaw, and he’ll need to keep his wits about him if he aims to get the better of Sheriff Jenson and the golden boys…

A mix of classic western and fantasy, Jean Lee’s novella is set on the edges of her Princeborn universe (see Fallen Princeborn: Stolen). Her use of language is delightful, with an unusual writing style that’s as clever as it is original. The characters are an interesting lot, too, (like the Sherriff with the squirrel-tails moustache). Drop them all into an atmospheric Clint Eastwood-type setting, and there’s plenty of action to keep the reader guessing what’s coming next.

Unlike Fallen, this one isn’t aimed at Young Adult readers, but if you like cowboy stories with a dollop of the weird and strange, this’ll be right up your old west Main Street.
Get your own copy of this Fantasy Western for just 99 cents!
More updates on Fallen Princeborn: Chosen will be shared in December. In the meantime, enjoy a shot of my cute little Bs and their own delightful creativity.
Happy Halloween, everyone!
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